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Kings and Queens of Pyrrhia

Something for my alternate AU. They are in the same universe as the darker version of the dragonets of destiny. This was drawn in Pixilart. And here's the desc for the drawing from PA: Stop stop stop before you rant an entire essay saying that male royals aren't allowed to rule, certain event happened that basically erased that rule in the Alternative Dragonets Of Destiny DARK AU I'm working on. It has to do with a certain someone that you see. ||| Seawing: Albatross | Icewing: Avalanche | Skywing: Scarletblood | Mudwing: Crocodile | Sandwing: Taipan | Rainwing: Anaconda | Nightwings: Darkstalker ||| I know everyone is wondering why the Mudwing is green. Because fucc the basic browns I'm making a green Mudwing! She is a purebred Mudwing, nothing special. I know that I've heard that Albatross isn't half Icewing but fucc that, I'm still making him half Icewing. I also made Darkstalker a tad more Icewing. Just a tiny bit. Avalanche is also the first disabled king in history(there was no disabled queens or kings btw), he was born blind but somehow became king through his heighted senses and intelligent. Oh also maybe Avalanche might be the darker counterpart of Hailstorm but I'm not sure whether or not to do it. More on the history later, still working on it. ||| PLEASE DON'T STEAL MY CHARACTER OR HEAVILY REFERENCE THEM(like making them almost the same). I'll kindly ask you to change or remove them.
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