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Crafty Updates: 2019

Sun Feb 17, 2019, 7:32 PM
Hello Subjects! Giving you an update on what's going on for the next few months

:bulletgreen: Commissions - I've got a bunch lined up to do, and thanks to my new system, there's actually a large amount of them that will be used for future episodes! These will be done for season 4 of Dr Crafty (commissioners will obviously receive their artworks privately long before that) So look forward to those! I'll be working on them after I finish work to be done for Crafty's season 3 videos.

Speaking of...

:bulletgreen: Crafty season 3 content - Videos for the first half of the season are already complete, and we're alwready getting to work on the second half as we speak. Scripts are written and about half the artwork is complete! Just gotta record and edit everything. So expect a great season 3, guys! The finale is gonna be freaking EPIC, I assure you!

:bulletgreen: Megacon 2019 - If any of my followers are going to go to Megacon Orlando this year, I'll be there! I don't have a table or panel, but I'll be wondering around promoting myself and such, so if you see a live action Dr Crafty, that's probably me! So say hi if you see me there! I may even have some freebie merch on hand~

That's about everything for now, so sit back and be excited for what's to come!

Crafty Commissions: CLOSED!

Mon Nov 19, 2018, 5:39 PM
EDIT: Closed commissions for now! I suspect there's gonna be a lot of fun material for next season now!

It's the most wonderful time of the year everyone! Commissions are once again open!

I'll be taking on commissions by an application system; meaning you email ( ) or note me your commission here, and I'll respond within the week saying whether I'll accept it or decline it while also giving the price if I accept. There a few big reasons I'm doing commissions this way from now on

:bulletgreen: Quality Control: Because I use commissions for the show sometimes, commissions I take on need to be of some kind of standard of quality in order to have a better chance of putting them on the show. This can be commissions that I'm either A) more knowledgable about, or B) Pertaining to a subject I can talk at length about. So basically, doing commissions this way actually INCREASES the odds of your commission being on the show (it's still not 100% garunteed though, but certainly more likely than in past commission drives)

:bulletgreen: Demand: Last time I opened commissions, they filled up within literally 15 minutes, depriving a lot of people the chance to even send me information. So doing commissions this way will allow more people time to give me their commission details before I decide to take on the job or not. So with that in mind, I must ask that you think hard about what you want commissioned, in order for there to be less chance of it being declined, and more chance of being on the show.

How to Commission
Please copy past the following format into either and Email or DA note

Username: who you are
Paypal address: The email you use for Paypal
Commission type: Chibi/Creature/Fullbody + how many you want
References: Links to any visual references to what you want drawn (written references will be rejected immediately)
Commission details: Information about your commission

DO NOT send money BEFORE confirmation. Wait until I have confirmed the pricing, and i will invoice you through paypal.

With that said, onto the next important part.

Dr Crafty Concoctions: Closed! by DrCrafty

Once again, due to high demand, I've shifted around the pricing of my commissions to accommodate the demand for my services. But worry not! There are ways to reduce the price! Simply go to my Patreon and pledge to the respective tier level for a big discount!

:bulletorange: Pledge $5 to get %10 off

:bulletorange: Pledge $10 to get %20 off

:bulletorange: Pledge $20 to get %30 off

:bulletorange: Pledge $30 to get %40 off

And now for slots. I'm gonna try and be strict with the number of slots available, but we'll see how that goes.

Keep in mind the following rules

:bulletgreen: Chibis are limited to 3 per order per customer

:bulletgreen: Creatures are limited to 3 per order per customer

:bulletgreen: Fullbodies are limited to 2 per order per customer (NSFW fullbodies do not have this limit)


:bulletgreen: Armorkabuto

:bulletgreen: Clockwerksoul

:bulletgreen: A R Dragonheart

:bulletgreen: Alan Peterson

:bulletgreen: Brave-King-Shishio

:bulletgreen: Feenie

:bulletgreen: Ontarioku

:bulletgreen: Saintwalker1806

:bulletgreen: Lucas Bradly

:bulletgreen: Skullzproductions

:bulletgreen: Sir Raptor

:bulletgreen: Mirianocturnae

:bulletgreen: Johnnyd2

Applications are open until February 9th 26th, OR until slots are filled

Happy shopping everyone!