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Hexafusion Meme: Male - MTC'S Choices



After all day today, I've finished my first Hexafusion meme! It was a ton of fun! Especially with the characters I picked. It's amazing how each character turned out and how they aaaalmost become their own individual characters (some more than others)

So without further delay, meet the big burly beastly men!

Bowser + Hakan = Bowkan - Bowkan, combing the beastly size and ferocity of Bowser and the Oil and wrestling style of turkish oil wrestling, is a fearsome fighter who can spit boiling hot oil on his foes, or on himself to make him virtually untouchable. He can even set his oil on fire for additional damage/protection.
Hexafusion Meme: Bowkan by MTC-Studios

Asura + Hakan = Hakura - Hakan and Asura's power combines to create Hakura, who's metal skin gives him major durability, and makes his oil that much more effective. And the ability to grow extra arms allows him to carry multiple barrels of his quality oil and still punch God in the face with the free ones.

Hexafusion Meme: Hakura by MTC-Studios

Bowser + Asura = Bowsura - Asura's strength and anger combined with Bowser's dragon power creates Bowsura, A mighty dragon man with thick armoured gauntlets and grieves. He's both a defensive and offensive fighter... Although with his constant rage, it's usually offensive.

Hexafusion Meme: Bowsura by MTC-Studios

Hakan + Bowser + Asura = Hakowsura - All three of these warriors combined creates Hakosura, who has evolved the Asura arms mantra technique into the asura DRAGON arms. Combing this with his own oil and dragon fire based techniques, he is a force to be reckoned with.

Hexafusion Meme: Hakowsura by MTC-Studios

Next I'll be doing my lady choices!
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a little addendum to all these fusions is their dedication and love for their children remember all 3 are Fathers