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Hexafusion Meme: Female - MTC'S Choices



After all day today, I've finished my Second Hexafusion meme! This time i tried mixing some ladies together! and I had tons of fun since I prefer to draw girls anyway c:

Princess Peach + Athena Cykes = Peathena - The lawyer princess, ready to run her country and deal out thew law as judge jury and exicutioner! Shame Mario didn;t her her as a lawyer during the court case of Mario Sunshine

Hexafusion Meme: Peathena by MTC-Studios

Athena Cykes + Chun-Li = Athena-Li - The Kung fu Lawyer who'll beat your ass down harder than the guilty verdict Gavel.

Hexafusion Meme: Athena-Li by MTC-Studios

Chun-Li + Princess Peach = Chun-Peach - The Kung Fu Princess who fights to protect her kingom and used her detective skills to find and rescues kidnapped Princesses.

Hexafusion Meme: Chun-Peach by MTC-Studios

Princess Peach + Athena Cykes + Chun-Li = - Princess Chunthena - The Queen of Power, Beauty and intelegince. Everything a girl needs all rolled up into one sweet yet ass whooping package.

Hexafusion Meme: Princess Chunthena by MTC-Studios

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