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Atop the Fourth Wall Card Tags - set 1

1 of 2 five card sets of tags for Linkara's merchandise, which will be available soon!

Buy a commission from me to keep me alive with food and stuff!

Don't forget! There's a blow out sale on fullbodies right now! So be sure to catch it!

There's also the Super smash bros special commission going on too! It has prizes! Check it out!

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Linkara’s gun looks like Liz from the anime Soul Eater with glasses.

FFXluvur12's avatar
For the Ninja style dancer one, all I can think of is the entity saying, "He is beeeautiifuuul nooooow...!" 
theT-chan's avatar
Too damn precious. I want all of them. XD
DrCrafty's avatar
I think they're still on sale c: check linkara's site or ask him on twitter
theT-chan's avatar
Holy yay! That's awesome. I already paid my rent so the hell with it, I WILL OWN THESE DARLINGS.
And this is irrelevant, but I laughed out loud at the "ask him on twitter" part. I'd have to grow a spine to do that. XDD
DrCrafty's avatar
failing that, you can always ask me for commissions c:
theT-chan's avatar
I believe I will as soon as I get a bank account that my folks can't spy on! =D
DrCrafty's avatar
do so right away then xD
Zil-Zeki's avatar
Silent like a ballerina, yes! XD
K-9princess's avatar
Krysella's avatar
Oh my God, that's me on the Mechakara one. :XD:
Zumbotron's avatar
I love this

All the character's reactions are hilarious
XxDe-JixX's avatar
Zezlemet's avatar
Mechakarais my favorite. "stop loving me filthy humans I'm evil"
K-9princess's avatar
Does that happen? It reminds me of that one robot from My life as a Teenage robot. The one that was a toy XD
ThunderWolfang's avatar
You did awesome!! :la:
DodgerOfZion's avatar
Two guesses as to which one I'm snatching up upon availability...and the first guess doesn't count.
aracnea's avatar
uh, are sailor moon, sailor Jupiter, and sailor mercury loving on mechakara?
notacukoofangirl121's avatar
THANK YOU! :heart: I wanna collect them all!
Emmybomber's avatar
i absolutely adore these and don't ask which one ;) ( the first one reminded me of soul eater its weird but thats what came to mind C: )
Undertaker972's avatar
those are pretty cool, i like middle one *forgot his name*
BeigePaladin's avatar
I love the mechakara one XD
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