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Recently I had cause to go digging through my old pictures. One thing led to another, and I realised that a) I still have a DeviantArt account and b) I've actually drawn something this year. This is unusual because I have two children under 3, so free time is at a premium and, honestly, I'd rather spend it relaxing playing games than stressing about why my stupid lines aren't doing the stupid things that I want them to do. Stupid.

Anyways, I'm getting married later this year. We wanted something cute to put on invites and to turn into a cake topper, and this is it. Since people still seem to look at my janky arts, I thought I'd jam new thing on here. If nothing else, it proves I'm still alive!

Hope everyone is well. See you again in, uh, about 5 years, I guess :P

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Thanks for stopping by! I'll check back in a few years. 😊

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Cool Pic. Nice to see you however briefly.

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Congratulations, and good to know you are still alive and kicking. ;)

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That's adorable! Congrats!

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Congrats, and future blessings! Had found myself wonder not too long ago whatever happened to you, but glad to know you you're doing alright.

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Nice to see you're still alive. ^_^

And congratulations on your pending nuptials.

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Wishing you both a happy and blessed union. <3

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Congrats mate!

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Congrats! 😁

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