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Pirate x Ninja



When pirates fight ninjas but get a bit carried away... >.>

Daft random yuri-ish (I think?) thing, maybe, possibly. Drew this in opencanvas with Miss Hira, but she had to run off before we got chance to colour it so I did it myself in Photoshop (the idea was that we'd each colour a version individually, but I dunno if she still plans too...).

Any excuse for random groping!

Edit: Hira made some changes to the pirate girl's lines, and I've incorporated them into my version of the pic now too. I also added a bit more highlighting (helps with the metally bits, I think) and brightened the colours up a bit.
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I think the pirate is winning but the ninja isn't complaining

*ps: totally saw this around the time you first posted it but every now and then I still look it up. Definitely one of my favorite pics on DA