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It's Jessie!

It's weird, but I seem to have some characters that just consistently turn out fairly well when I draw them - either that, or I just can't remember any pics of her that ended up looking ass.

Anyway, girls with guns are cool, and girls in waistcoats are cool. Now if she just had glasses, she'd be perfect...

Edit: now with slightly less red skin, hurrah.
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good to see you posting new work, Cloud. I recently reconnected with Merekat at fred's twitch channel after visiting the graveyard of the MTA&D forums. I miss metal mittens and hope you continue to draw more of those characters lol. 
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Haha, awesome! I keep thinking I should try and get in touch with various people from "the good ol' days", but then I realise I have no idea where I'd even start and so give up...

And my arting is really inconsistent, I'll go through phases of doing loads and then I'll do none for ages. Like now!

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Merekat revamped her website, and has a contact form there if you ever want to get in touch
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I dropped her a Hi also not so long since. Was Pantmonger back in the day :)
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more MTAD graveyard people... I'm having a sobbing sentimental night digging through my roots, and finding all my heroes that inspired me. -Starting at MTAD, then NNW, ARTFU, THEWAS... Its kinda fun seeing both pantmonger and drcloud communicating in 2000ucking7teen! I was mostly a lurker, so you prolly dont remember an "addalot" from back then.
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the name indeed rings a bell
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I love the clothes 
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Love the coloring!
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You're one of the first artists that I started following on the internet year ago.  It's great to see you're still doing art and how much you've improved. 

This piece is really nice.  You did seem to nail it perfectly.  Especially with the color correction.

Keep up the good work. :ahoy:
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Really pretty :lovelyeyes: 
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As hot as always
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Love that hairstyle, DrCloud!
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Looks good!!
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so awesomely kool-o-ness!
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Is her skin supposed to be that color? :3
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You make a very good point! I'd been staring at it for so long that I hadn't realised how stupidly red it was.

Let's try tweaking it a bit...
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Its not a bad color, its fantasy, I commissioned more than a few pics of characters of odd hair and eye color.
We've had green women for years, and no problems.
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