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Jendayi, the Liger



I decided to take a shot at some more anthro art, and wanted to dabble in some more photoshop-assisted painting.

"A liger -- bred for its skills in magic" -- Napoleon Dynamite.

LOL. Actually ligers DO exist. They're simply the offspring of a male lion and female tiger. The converse pairing of a female lion and a male tiger yields a tigon. Ligers are much bigger than either of their parents (males are up to 12 feet tall), but are usually sterile. Want more fun liger facts? Click here: [link]

This Liger's name, Jendayi, is an African word meaning "Give Thanks". Jendayi is quite athletic and is also tall and powerful. She's got a healthy appetite, and her favorite food is buffalo burgers! She's very fun-loving and playful, and is also very even-tempered. When provoked, however, her instincts combined with her athleticism make her a formidable opponent.

Hope you like! ^_^
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The character featured in this picture you've done looks very nice and lovely. :meow: