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Magotto-chan by DrC-Art-Theater Magotto-chan :icondrc-art-theater:DrC-Art-Theater 17 0 Clementine : Still. Not. Bitten ! (anime version) by DrC-Art-Theater Clementine : Still. Not. Bitten ! (anime version) :icondrc-art-theater:DrC-Art-Theater 101 21 Chibi Cyrion by DrC-Art-Theater Chibi Cyrion :icondrc-art-theater:DrC-Art-Theater 46 12 Artist problems #1 by DrC-Art-Theater Artist problems #1 :icondrc-art-theater:DrC-Art-Theater 19 3 If YandereSim was an anime (Saki Miyu animated) by DrC-Art-Theater If YandereSim was an anime (Saki Miyu animated) :icondrc-art-theater:DrC-Art-Theater 53 7 Osana by DrC-Art-Theater Osana :icondrc-art-theater:DrC-Art-Theater 59 25 Saki Miyu by DrC-Art-Theater Saki Miyu :icondrc-art-theater:DrC-Art-Theater 38 6 Jeeo by DrC-Art-Theater Jeeo :icondrc-art-theater:DrC-Art-Theater 16 2 Emily by DrC-Art-Theater Emily :icondrc-art-theater:DrC-Art-Theater 28 2



Ohayoooo mina-saaan !!!!! Lovely Shoujo (Hi Hello) [V2] Long time no see !!!! Omg I've been dying to upload something these past fiew weeks !!! La la la la La la la la La la la la but unfortunately I couldn't because of university and stuff... Being a medschool student isn't an easy task, and as I always say, duty comes first :3 But oh well, I'm glad I'm finally back ! Drummer Girl   This is an OC I made yesterday, her name is Magotto-chan :3 Well, I guess I couldn't be more clear, she's a maggot xD But, Cyrion, why would you draw a maggot ? Are you cray cray in the head ? Well I may be Crazy Girl (Hehehuhuhe) [V2] This actually came from something completely silly and random, but soooo freakin funny I'm still laughing my ass off about it xD It all started a couple days ago. My boyfriend was doing some cleaning in his appartment when he suddenly found a 1 year nutella pot hidden deeply in a dark isolated shelf (imagine it as a horror movie scene). Since it was 1 year old, this nutella pot contained a whole family of maggots that decided it was a good idea to make a shelter out of it (well, who wouldn't make a shelter out of nutella, am I right ?).
Anyways, my boyfriend got grossed out and slammed the nutella in a trashcan (legend says that the maggot family is still looking for a cozy welcoming place to call home...). He, of course, recorded the maggots and sent me the footage (relationship goals) and we unexpectedly started talking about rule 34 (if you're not familiar with it, google it xD). We, then, had the genious idea of looking for some maggot rule 34 out of curiosity. As expected nothing popped up, we laughed about it and blah blah blah. Since today is our 1 year anniversary, I decided to make him a surprise and draw ecchi naughty magotto-chan for this special occasion (again, relationship goals). Boyfriend laughed about it like a crazy mofo when I sent it to him, he found it so random xD.

I hope this little story made you laugh and have a good time xD I surely did. And yeah, this gave me inspiration to come up with something to share with you guys at least xD

On this note, have an amazing week and stay awesome ! Miku Love [V1]  
Clementine : Still. Not. Bitten ! (anime version)
'Sup Ebi rolls, Cyrion here ! Did ya miss me ? (of course you did, everybody does è_é !). I've got a new digital drawing for ya'll :3 Anime themed as usual (gee, who would've guessed ?).
I just can't get enough of drawing those, fake anime screenshots are my specialty Love Love  trying as hard as I can to make any format look like a real anime is truly satisfying and lots of fun ! It's like trying to push my boundaries or something :3 like a personal challenge ! And I kind of turned this style into my trademark, something people instantly recognize and label as mine :3 Sounds pretty pretentious phrased like that, but I'm just so proud to have a personal style and be able to remake an existing format the way I view it Heart 

It's just that everything looks so cool when it becomes anime xDDD I truly enjoy the creative process I go through when imagining every detail of my drawing : 

- *First* : What scene of the work I chose should I turn into an anime ? (gotta choose a powerful one to depict a setting worth of a screenshot ! Something that truly represents the initial work of fiction and makes it memorable ! Afterall, most anime screenshots are taken to immortalize a particular key moment that the anime will be remembered for)

- *Second* : what style should I choose for the eyes ? For the hair ? The shape of the stripes that make the hair look shiny etc... 

- *Third* : what colors should I use to make it look more anime-ish ?
Etc etc etc :3 

I could talk about this for hours, this is just so entertaining !!!! :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce:   This effort of reasoning and letting my creativity express itself makes all the beauty of this artstyle Heart Heart Heart 

I hope it looks professional :3 As the indoor weeb I am, I always wished there was an anime version of everything I liked :3 A lot of people made that possible back in the day when my inner otaku first popped up, but there wasn't always what I was looking for (like a specific show, or something simply not suited to be turned into anime because of its initial genra). And thus I decided to turn anything of my choosing into anime, so I wouldn't have to rely on google images to make this wish come true :D Not to mention the personal satisfaction that would come with it Dance!  Then one day I downloaded paint tool sai and finally made it possible Heart Heart Heart   

If you're reading this last sentence, then that means you made it to the end of this long ass paragraph, kudos to you xDDD 

Have a nice week, and stay awesome #1 
Chibi Cyrion
Salutations Ebi rolls ! Long time no see :3 
I don't have much to upload today, I was pretty busy these last few days and I couldn't draw as much as I wanted to... But oh well, gotta keep this deviantart alive, am I right ? :p 
This is chibi Cyrion, my avatar :3 In case you were wondering, this is how I look like in real life :3 I think it can't be more clear that I'm a huge fan of black x) (black is cool). I'm also a biiiiiig "the walking dead" worshipper (zombies are cool).
No more info to add, I'm lacking inspiration right now xDDD Forgive me peeps, those last few days were pretty tiring for me, and I'm going back to university soon... That stresses me a bit tbh x) I'm not psychologically prepared for the shit ton of work that awaits me ;-; Wish me luck peeps :'( 
Have a good week and stay awesome ! ;) More stuff to come soon, stay tuned ! 
Artist problems #1
YOWWWW, what's up Ebi Rolls ? Cyrion here again today with a brand new concept :3 This time I want to introduce you guys to a series I just created :3 As you can see by the title, it's gonna be called "artist problems" (good job at being original Cyrion...).
Now, the pattern : This series will pretty much be a set of short slice of life themed stories, each illustrated in a 1 page webtoon (can we even call that a page ? x) this shit's long af).
This series will be my way of depicting some problems I usually come across when I turn into artist mode :3 And trust me, some of them are pretty hillarious xD 
I hope you'll be waiting for them eagerly :3  
This short series won't be the only one though, I'm planning on making more slice of life themed ones :3 This way, you'll get to know more about me and my daily awkward potato life :3 
Have a nice day, and stay awesome !
If YandereSim was an anime (Saki Miyu animated)
Ebi rolls ! It's finally here ! My first yandere simulator animation is finally up for you peeps to enjoy ! 
As you can see, this is our beloved Saki Miyu about to be tortured in Yandere-chan's basement ! Will someone come and save her ? 
Of course not, this is YanSim, don't be so optimistic !


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My name is Cyrion, pleased to meet you young art fanatic ~
In my cozy art theater, I'll expose all sorts of creations for you to appreciate. Please, let me be your guide in this wonderful adventure ~
I hope we all get along ~
(I don't even know what you're doing wasting your time reading my bio, this shit is just a filler. The art gallery is waaaaay more interesting ! This way please ~)


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