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Captai Hakodamerica (Sokka) Temperarily kicked out of the league when he accidentally gives away his plans to defeat his teammates. In his defense, she was waaay hot.

Man-a-tar (Aang) Fire Nation reporter Kento Kuzon fights crime as earth's greatest hero, sometimes contemplates the importance of stopping a bank robbery when he can peak into the heart of a star (Or Katara's shower), but then remembers that he's not a Dr. Manhattan pastiche.

Iron Toph (duh)- She. Is. Iron Toph. Da na na na na na , da na na na.

The Ice Queen (Katara) With the amazing power to bring down the lively-ness in any room, also she can throw ice or something.

The Flaming Zuko (who else?) Born "special" Zuko is the only fire-bender who can't stop being on fire. Because he sucks so much, he moved to Ba Sing Se and decided to become a superhero where nobody knew him. The only reason he's on the team is because of an affirmative action clause.

Also, in case any of you are wonder where "Getter Momo" is, he might show up somewhere else. Enjoy!
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It's not JLA more like the JFAmen
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Iron Toph....
And now I can´t stop imagining a heavily muscled Toph forging her Armor, just like Tony in the old cartoon intro
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If Momo's a "Getter Robo", does that make Appa a megazord?
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this is such a cool mashup of ideas, so cool an idea
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Sokka is so awesome in this pic.
Wolf-of-Reckoning's avatar
Go Toph! Everyone else go fly into the the sun!
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Oh, what a win. And good job finding a character that suits them all... I can't decide if Sokka or Toph is my favorite... and poor Zuko... affirmative action clause...
The artist's comments really bring this piece home. Haha. Perfect.
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lol love them all
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Ahahaha perfect!
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Ahahaha perfect!
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"...affirmitive action clause..."
omg poor zuko...
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:rofl: OMG This is pure WIN XD
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Omg, friggin hilarious!
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I love iron man toph, and the mega buff ang wins extra points. I tip my hat to you.
Iron Toph = Best. Thing. Ever. :D
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but they're marvles
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This is great! It's so funny! Iron Toph should exist in real life.
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But, JLAang? Don't you mean the Avaangers? (That sounds awful, though...)
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