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drbjr Digital Painting Companion PS CS6/CC - FREE!



Edit: There is now a more compact version of this panel(still FREE) found here:
Can download on deviantart: TOP RIGHT OF THIS PAGE
Or here:… | To donate on selz just add a number other than 0
To donate on Paypal:
Windows(works fully) MAC(MOST commands work see Raeistic comment below)
Please READ:
Tested working with Photoshop CS6 - Photoshop CC 14.0 - should work with 14.1 14.2 / CC 14.2.1
DOES NOT WORK WITH ANY VERSION LOWER THAN CS6 and DOES NOT WORK WITH CC 2014 v15.0(Already tested and does not support flash panels - The panels need to be converted to HTML5. There is no guarantee I will do this so please do not ask.
Adobe Photoshop CS6/CC Extension - drbjr Digital Painting Companion
An assortment of button activated common actions for helping the digital painting workflow.
1.Close Photoshop
2. Unzip downloaded file to anywhere
3. Find and open unzipped file ''drbjr-DP-Companion''
4. Open folder that is labeled ''copy-Folder-Contents-Into-Plugins-Panels''
5. Copy contents of folder -> find where your photoshop is located -> open that folder -> then open the PLUGINS folder -> Then PANELS folder -> PASTE folder that was copied
6. Open the photoshop application
7. At the top go to WINDOW -> ACTIONS -> Once your actions panel is open, click the button on the TOP RIGHT corner -> In that drop down menu choose LOAD ACTIONS -> Find the folder that you unzipped again and open the ACTIONS folder that is there, select''drbjr-DP-Companion'' action file -> LOAD those actions
8. After that go to WINDOW at the top again -> hover over EXTENSIONS -> Choose ''drbjr-DP-Companion'' And you are done:)
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Hi, I don't know if you're still managing this, but I'm having issues with the main panel. All of the buttons (except for the tools and undo-redo) don't work, it shows a script error. I use the italian version of CS6. Could it be that the reason?