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Commission status: OPEN.
Serious Inquiries only please. This Is basically a build your own art commission. Should be fun for us both. 
I offer a variety of styles and looks. Styles Include but are not limited to: Realism,fantasy,Disney,cartoon,tv character,chibi,stylized,faux pixel, caricature, etc. Simple/Minimal/ backgrounds.
Digital Commissions only at this time. Traditional(graphite/Acrylics/watercolor) may come later I'm making sample soon.

----------------- Commission Slots Available ------------------------------
3 SLOTS available at this time: 

----------------- General Pricing Overview ------------------------------
Since you can pick your own style It's only fair that I layout some pricing comparisons. The more Realistic the style the higher the base price, simplistic styles are less.

Adding 1 more subject, different rendering quality, types of coloring etc. prices go up(basically double It).
I will group styles together to help you get an Idea of what the pricing looks like. From low to high. See Commission Guide for samples.
1.Chibi/Simplistic Cartoon/Simple Caricature: $50 and up
2.Stylized/Disney/Anime: $100 and up
3.Fantasy/TV Character/Complex Cartoon/Advanced Caricature: $150 and up 
4. Realistic Painting/Realistic Caricature/Realistic Fantasy Painting: $200 and up (Takes the most time) 

----------------- Commission Process Overview ------------------------------
Review of basic flow of the commission process:
1. Fill out and email/PM the questionnaire below. If a style you want Is not on the style guide and you would like to know, just ask. We may talk quite a bit about what you want to make sure you get what you are looking for.
2. Provide a good reference photo of your subject, good lighting and resolution. Same goes with providing references if you want something In a specific style. Please do your best to provide quality materials. No more than 2 subjects and no backgrounds at this time. 
3. Pay half up front(security reasons, serious Inquiries only). Prices vary by request and are USD/PAYPAL only. Full disclosure my prices will not go below what Is written above and up from there. So If your budget Is small please feel free to check out some other artists, you may find someone In your price range. 
4. After receiving the reference/filled out questionnaire, and half payment. I will begin, the amount of time It takes will vary. You will get an estimated time-frame. 
5. Finished Hi-Res commission and all other media/links will be given when second half of payment Is received.
6. Commission process complete. All returning costumers get a discount on their next commission.
**PLEASE READ THE FAQ/General Info(link below) for any questions. If Something Is not covered please feel free to ask me about It.
Sample Videos:…;

--------------- Commission Questionnaire --------------------------------
1. Pick a style(note that the more realistic the more time, and costs more). Style guide above(more sample coming soon) . 
a. For cartoon/tv character: Pick a reasonable styled cartoon. Please provide some reference for that style. 
b. For Fantasy: Write a good explanation of what you are looking to do.  
2. Pick If you want *Black and White or *Full Color. Technique of each of these depends on the style chosen. Price also Is effected by these choices.
3. Choose whether or not you want the commission process recorded and a sped up video provided see #5/#9 below for more Information. Note: Cost goes up a touch, but It is fun to watch. 
4. Choose If you want a copy of the brushes I use while making the commission. 
5. Any other comments here:

Send Request above to PM or email: header: Commission Request
I'll reply to you as soon as I can. Please be patient. Thanks.
Note: Process may be recorded for sample purposes, so just be aware.

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