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Inanis headbutted the Night Lord in the face.  Both their helmets cracked upon impact, Inanis’ was worse since he already headbutted three other Night Lords in quick succession. 
    The meltagun in his hand lit off, burning a hole through the backpedaling traitor his fist could go through cleanly. 
    Something slammed against his back, sending Inanis forward and headbutting the corridor’s wall.  Pushing back against the wall, he turned around only to be slammed back into the wall.  A Night Lord was piggybacking Rutus, trying to shove his lightning claws into the huge Marine’s neck.  Rutus was trying to crush the Night Lord against the wall but he was instead crushing Inanis. 
    Before Rutus could inadvertently slam into Inanis again, the latter dropped the meltagun and leapt up.  Catching the Night Lord on his back, Inanis was now piggybacking the traitor.  Rutus grunted under the weight of two Astartes on his back but he didn’t fall.  Instead, he slammed against the wall again, making Inanis grunt in pain and his ears ringing from his armor warning him of major damages. 
    Pulling out a knife with one hand and holding the blade downward, Inanis grabbed hold of the Night Lord’s head with the other hand, pulling it straight back.  He stabbed the knife down into one of the helmet’s lens.  The Traitor Marine shivered as his brain was stabbed and his body went into its death throes.  He soon went limp and let go of Rutus. 
    “Ah, shit,” Inanis commented as he fell backwards and landed on the ground with the Night Lord on top of him.  His blade snapped upon landing, the handle snapping off and leaving the blade in the skull.
    Rutus turned around and tossed the dead traitor off of Inanis with one hand as if it weighed nothing. 
    “What took you so long?” Rutus roared as he picked up his double-barreled autocannon from the floor where he had dropped it when the melee began.  
    “You’re welcome you angry bastard!” Inanis spat, tossing the knife’s handle to the side and picking up the discarded meltagun. 
    Rutus howled as he resumed firing down the corridor.  Night Lords were caught in the open and cut down as twin lines of solid projectiles sawed through them.  The traitors tried to get out of the way but they were penned in by their own numbers and the corridor.  They attempted to return potshots as Rutus approached them while firing, bolt rounds sparking off of his armor or the walls. 
    Inanis watched his back, sending other Night Lords appearing from side corridors scurrying back with a shot from the meltagun.  The traitors were too far away for the meltagun to be effective but it was enough to ward them away. 
    “The Raven Guard can do better than you!” Inanis called out, hoping to goad them to attack.
    “Switch,” Rutus voxed. 
    The two Space Marines spun around, their backs to each other.  Rutus opened fire down the corridor Inanis had been covering.  Inanis was now facing a melee that had spilled into the corridor.  Ultramarines were wrestling with both Night Lords and Word Bearers, stabbing each other with blades and swinging mauls and power fists in the tight confines.  These Ultramarines had their helmets painted red, the red mark of censure.  Now they were the Red-Marked, followers of Sergeant Aeonid Thiel, a hero of Ultramar and a pain in the ass to his superiors, as he fought to secure the borders of Imperium Secundus.  It was quite simple for an Ultramarine to join the Red-Marked, they just had to dunk their helmets in red paint. 
    Inanis held his meltagun in one hand and pulled out a double-barreled plasma blaster from its holster with the other.  Charging into the melee, he fired both weapons pointblank into the back of the traitors.  He had to fire carefully as Ultramarines tangled with traitors, rolling on the floor or against the wall. 
    Blasting apart two traitors from behind, he kicked out and tripped a third.  The third traitor’s head was crushed by a power fist slamming down on it from the Ultramarine the traitor had been slugging.  Moving on, Inanis fired his meltagun into the foot of a Word Bearer that was kneeing an Ultramarine repeatedly.  The foot he vaporized was the one the Word Bearer had been standing on.  The Word Bearer fell onto his back with the Ultramarine now on top, smashing his fists into the Word Bearer’s face. 
    A power sword slashed out at Inanis.  He backed away but the blade cut his meltagun in half.  He responded by blasting the traitor’s face with the plasma blaster, vaporizing the head.  Another Traitor Marine appeared behind the one he just shot.  A power sword slammed into the side of the traitor’s head, pinning the body against the wall. 
    Thiel placed a foot against the corpse and pulled the sword out, letting the body slide down and flop to the floor.  The fighting was over.  Rutus was reloading his autocannons, the Night Lords he had been shooting at long gone. 
    “Head count,” Thiel ordered. 
    Ultramarines sounded off.  Less than a quarter of their number had fallen in the ambush.  The traitor grand cruiser was close to being theirs. 
    Inanis noted Thiel looking for his pistol among the bodies, the sergeant having lost his.
    “Hey, hero-smurf,” Inanis called out.
    Thiel looked up and caught the double-barrel plasma blaster.
    “Don’t lose it,” Inanis said as he brought up his last weapon, a combi-bolter.  His blue gauntlet racking the slide.
“I never did get that gun back,” Inanis commented once the memory had passed.  The plasma blaster had been destroyed during the Battle for Macragge in the First Tyrannic War with Hive Fleet Behemoth.  The Ultramarines had cared for the custom plasma blaster for ten thousand years until its destruction, never asking about its dubious origin. 
    Sitting up, Inanis found himself on Imperial Highway.  Next to him was the hideous condor statue.  Condora had fallen off its perch from the Gate and somehow landed properly on its feet. 
    “I guess the eagle has landed,” Inanis commented at the statue, ignoring the fact it was a condor. 
    Grabbing hold of Condora with his right hand, he picked himself up to his feet.  The dreadnought shell strained against his commands.  The internal cogitators were rebooting and power flowing back through his walking, metal tomb.  Inanis made a mental note to the Techmarines to make his body sturdier, flying through a building and shutting down was not an incident he wanted to repeat. 
    His internal chronometer told him barely ten minutes passed since he was sent flying.  A cloud of dust had settled on what was left of Condora City.  Before him to the south where Condor Gate used to be was the tip of the hive ship.  It took Inanis a moment what he was looking at was the hive ship.  The tyranid battleship had suffered extensive and grievous damage during its crash landing and through the valley, carved open like a melon hit by a hammer and a chainsaw.  Ichor flooded out from the wounds, submerging nearby tyranid dead that carpeted nearly every inch of the ground, the swarm having been thrown entirely forward to its death. 
    Far as Inanis could tell, no tyranid lived.  The air was still of any movement.
    “I guess we won,” Inanis said cheerfully.
    A hive tyrant emerged from the dead hive ship, stalking out from one of the massive wounds.  It held four boneswords. 
    Inanis sighed. 
    He could tell it was the same hive tyrant he fought.  Every detail was exactly the same.  This was a case of the hive mind resurrecting a bio-construct that had done well and hive tyrants were epitomes of command and viciousness for the race, appearing constantly in the same battlefield if the fighting went on that long.  It came as no surprise when the tyrant walked directly towards Inanis, its boneswords held at the ready.  No other tyranid emerged with the tyrant, meaning the hive ship used the last of its life to resurrect something deadly and cunning. 
    The volkite saker was inoperable, the weapon sending out sparks when he attempted to deploy it.  Warning signs lit up his HUD of the saker in danger of overloading.  With no choice, Inanis held onto Condora with his right hand.  Diverting all power to one function, he held on tight to the statue.
    He then disappeared with the statue. 
    He reappeared several moments later by himself.  The hive tyrant had paused in its tracks, clearly confused.
    Condora landed right in front of him.  The hive tyrant screeched in surprise and backtracked several steps, looking up to see if anything else fell from the sky. 
    “Damn it,” Inanis swore.  “Would have had a real Wizard-of-Oz-like moment here.”  Back at low power, motor function was the only part still operable while the rest of his body had to wait for power to return.
    The hive tyrant roared as it began to run at Inanis. 
    Inanis braced his feet and deployed the Maximus Typhoon missile pod.  A large portion of his back separated and folded upwards, revealing four rows of missiles pointed at the tyrant.  The tyranid skidded to a halt at the sight. 
    Inanis unleashed all the missiles in one volley, taking no chances. 
    The tyrant leapt behind Condora. 
    A fury of plasma explosions engulfed the area.  The dust in the area cleared a wide margin from the combined force of the blasts.  The Highway was carved open with the resulting crater’s surface glassed.  The statue melted from the extreme heat and turned to sludge. 
    The tyrant charged at Inanis through the end of the plasma inferno, trailing smoke in its wake.  Its carapace was cracked open in many places and gone in others.  It was missing chunks of its back and lost an upper limb.  One side of its face was a melting mess but it didn’t pay the damage any heed as it closed the distance with a roar. 
    “Bah, just a flesh wound,” Inanis spat at the sight of the damage dealt to the hive tyrant.  If it had been a direct hit by just one of the missiles the tyranid would have been a pile of ash.  “Ah, whatever.”
    Inanis shouted his own war cry as he charged at the tyrant. 
    The two slammed into each other at a sprint, both trying to knock the other over only for them both being sent to the ground.  Inanis landed on his back and attempted to scramble back up to his feet with his limbs, the anti-gravity unit that would have aided him currently inoperable.  By the time he had rolled onto his front, pushing himself up to his hands and knees, the tyrant was charging at him.  Pretending he was on gridiron football, Inanis charged forward like a lineman.  He tackled straight into the tyrant’s midriff, sacking the tyranid to the ground. 
    Landing on top of the tyrant, Inanis raised his right hand and repeatedly slammed his fist and forearm down onto its face.  Teeth shattered under the impact but the tyrant ignored the damage.  Unable to bring its blades to bear, it slogged Inanis in the head instead with enough force to send the dreadnought rolling off.  Inanis followed the momentum and kept rolling, a pair of boneswords slamming down where he had been.  He continued to roll as the tyrant followed his failed attack with another swing as it threw itself at Inanis.  The tyrant made it up to its knees and chased after the rolling dreadnought, crawling forward on its knees and swinging the boneswords down like a butcher’s knife. 
    A notification lit up in Inanis’ HUD.  The quake stompers were active but had little power. 
    Using the momentum of his roll and turning with his right hand, Inanis pushed himself up by the hand, spinning to present the soles of his feet at the approaching hive tyrant.  As it closed the distance and began swinging the quake stompers let loose a small blast of kinetic energy.  The hive tyrant was sent flying thirty feet, landing on its back with a loud crash. 
    Inanis growled in annoyance as the kinetic blast also sent him flying into the ground face-first.  Without the anti-gravity functioning it couldn’t counteract the quake stompers. 
    Pulling his head out of the ground, Inanis struggled back up to his feet.  The hive tyrant was charging at him and only fifteen feet away.  Inanis leapt at the tyrant at the last moment, colliding into its torso and its limbs slamming into his sides.  The tyrant was forced to take several steps back.  It didn’t recover fast enough as Inanis slapped the tyrant in the face with the back of his hand, forcing the tyrant back even more and stunning it. 
    Diverting power to his palm, he deployed the melta blaster and dived forward, reaching out for the tyranid’s head.  The tyrant recovered enough to dive to the side.  Inanis instead grabbed hold of the tyrant’s remaining upper limb.  He blasted it off close to the elbow. 
    The two combatants fell to the ground away from each other. 
    Inanis struggled to his feet but he held onto the blown off limb.  Standing up, he faced the tyrant, also struggling to its feet with its two remaining arms.  It turned towards Inanis and held up its boneswords, ready to swing in and cut the Neo-Contemptor in half.  Inanis grasped the separated bonesword over the tyrant’s cut off hand.  The hand was attached to the bonesword so he wouldn’t have been able to hold it by the handle. 
    He held the bonesword before him in a salute, then held it out in a stereotypical fencing pose, the point of the sword aimed at the hive tyrant. 
    “En garde, you ugly fraker,” Inanis taunted.  The hive tyrant was already charging at him. 
    Inanis was forced onto the defensive, constantly moving backwards.  The hive tyrant, despite missing two limbs and thus two boneswords, was still fast.  It constantly rained slashes from different directions with each swing.  Inanis was randomly swinging the bonesword left and right to keep the tyrant away.  The dull bonesword was constantly being chipped away by the tyrant’s pair.  With them sheathed in psychic energy and his not, they suffered minute damages to the edge that were being healed on the fly. 
    It didn’t take long for Inanis’ weapon to be cut in half.  He then threw what was left of the bonesword at the tyrant in its general direction without aiming.  To his surprise, the edge lodged itself in the tyrant’s neck where the chitin had been melted away.  The tyrant paused at the unexpected damage.  It only took a moment for it to realize the damage was minimal and ignorable, and charged straight back at Inanis with the broken bonesword still stuck to its neck. 
    Inanis threw a straight punch at the tyrant.  It responded by scissoring the arm between the two boneswords.  The biomorphs lodged themselves deep into the elbow area, locking the dreadnought’s remaining arm in place.  Inanis pushed forward and slammed his fist into the pommel of the bonesword stuck in the tyranid’s neck.  The tyrant gurgled as the blade bit in deep into its neck.  It attempted to push Inanis away using the boneswords as leverage.  Inanis did a low turn kick, smacking it in the tyrant’s leg and causing it to stumble and lose its concentration.  Inanis pushed forward and hit the bonesword’s pommel again, the sharp blade biting deeper.  Punching again, the blade came to a stop as it reached the spine. 
    Before he could punch again the tyrant kicked him in the pelvic area, sending him backwards but forcing the tyrant to follow with the boneswords stuck.  Inanis kicked back and the tyrant responded with its own kick.  Both growling in frustration, Inanis and tyrant began kicking each other in turn.  Chitin cracked and adamantium dented as the two continued to kick each other to death. 
    As the kicks continued Inanis noticed the boneswords sawing deeper into his elbow, the blades about to meet in the middle.  Keeping up the kicks, Inanis surged all the power he had into the volkite saker.  Then he threw a push kick.  The tyrant did a gurgling howl as ichor bubbled from its mouth and its torso cracked open.  The kick also ripped his right arm off as the boneswords finally cut through the limb.  The limb then exploded as the saker overloaded. 
    Like a bomb going off in their faces, the two opponents were sent flying.  Inanis was sent north up the Highway.  Landing on his back, he came to a screeching halt as he skidded into a junction. 
    He noticed Stellar Warrior was to his left, having fallen on its back.  To his surprise it was still moving but its position made it impossible to stand back up. 
    As Inanis sat back up, a clawed foot slammed into his chest and forced him to lie back down.  The hive tyrant stood over the dreadnought.  It now only had one arm left and most of its side was carved open from the saker’s explosion vaporizing its carapace. 
    Stellar Warrior squealed as metal struggled to move. 
    “You need to mind your surroundings,” Inanis spoke to the tyrant. 
    The tyranid raised its remaining arm to begin chopping the dreadnought to pieces. 
    It then disappeared in a puff of gore as hundreds of bolt rounds filled the air.  Inanis groaned in disgust as ichor splattered all over him. 
    “Nice shooting,” Inanis called out to Warrior.
    Despite its inability to move, the Warlord’s power claw had the perfect angle to shoot at the hive tyrant with the mega-bolter. 
    Warrior then gave Inanis a thumbs up in response.
    A fleet of Imperial fighters and gunships swarmed over what used to be Condora City.  The city was completely uninhabitable and would require decades of clearing and fixing if the Milanese ever decided to return to the area.  Ultramarine Thunderhawks swept in low and disgorged Space and Primaris Marines into the streets.  Not a single bolt shell went off.  Every tyranid in Condora was dead
    When the relief force found Rutus, buried under a mound of rubble that been a building that fell on top of him like a cut tree, all he said was, “What took you so long?”
The valley was turned into a charnel house.  With the hive ship stuck in it, the Imperials decided to just burn the entire valley, using wings of Marauder bombers to drop incendiaries into it.  Tyranid dead were thrown into the inferno.  Any vehicle that was able to equip a dozer blade was modified to do so and pushed into service to shove the dead xenos close to the valley as possible.  The piles not caught in the valley’s raging inferno were torched by flamers.
            Inanis stomped through the area, still armless but needed to walk.  The battle for Milana III was over.  A hundred Praetorians and eight thousand Guardsmen and auxiliaries had given their lives to stop the main swarm from breaking through the valley.  It was a pain that not only the hive ship destroyed the swarm for them, its crash was also caused most of the defenders’ deaths.  And most of those deaths had been when the buildings they had hunkered in collapsed on top of them, turning the site into instant mass graves. 
    This victory was bitter and stale. 
    But the whole ordeal had been necessary.  Essell was already being congratulated for his victory by every officer from the Imperial Guard, Navy, PDF, and Astartes.  Inanis didn’t feel like being anywhere near it. 
    Coming up upon several Predator battle tanks belonging to his chapter lined up side by side, their crew were outside attaching dozer blades.  They greeted Inanis respectfully and continued on their work.  Before the tanks was a large mound of tyranid dead that needed to be pushed to the burning valley. 
    Making his way to a Predator in the middle of the line, several Space Marines sat around, against it, or on top.  These Space Marines were armored differently.  They were scouts and Reivers, light armored and stealth troops with camo-cloaks hanging from their shoulders.  They gave silent nods to Inanis as he approached, except one. 
    “Hey there, Batman,” Inanis greeted the one that didn’t nod in greeting, their leader. 
    Charr didn’t respond verbally, his jet black eyes staring at the knife he was sharpening with a whetstone.  The knife was small in the hands of an Astarte transhuman, but it was as big as a short sword for an unmodified human.  And it had been used recently.  Charr responded by pausing the sharpening and pointed in front of him with his knife.  Then the sharpening resumed. 
    Inanis turned to where the Nightmaster pointed.
    Against the pile of dead tyranids lay a lictor.  Lictors are tyranid scouts.  The vanguard of a swarm to lay a pheromone trail for the tyranids to follow.  Lictors are masters of stealth with chameleonic skin that could hide even from an Astarte sense.  They were larger than Space Marines in full armor and opportunistic hunters, knowing when to strike and catch their prey by surprise before they even realized they were dead, let alone being stalked. 
    Charr and his hunters, the Nightmares, had taken it down.  They had found it in Condora City when they scouted the city ahead of the army.  And they had taken it alive upon Essell’s orders.
    And it was still alive. 
    The lictor wheezed and coughed ichor.  It was missing all of its limbs.  Tendrils and hooks were cut off.  Its chitin had been peeled off carefully, the obvious work of a sharp knife.  What lay before Inanis and the Nightmares was a warbling, skinned creature of pathetic stature that was once a mighty and feared creature.  The only thing it was able to do was spout pheromones for tyranids to converge on.  That purpose was fulfilled with help from the Praetorians. 
    Knowing Charr, skinning it was just for fun.
    “The battle did not go as expected,” Charr commented in Taliana, a long dead language taught eleven thousand years ago by a long dead bureaucrat, without looking up and still sharpening his knife.
    “No, it did not,” Inanis replied in the same dead language.  “But who could have imagined a hive ship falling down on us.”
    The ghostly pale Astartes didn’t respond to that, simply sharpening his knife. 
    “We have our glory,” Inanis continued.  “That’s what matters.”
    “A hive ship killing the biggest swarm by landing on it hardly seems like a glory for our chapter,” Charr said as he sheathed his knife. 
    “No,” Inanis agreed.  “But there’s always next time.”
    The Nightmares began to disappear.  Their cloaks pushing around their bodies and the hoods brought up.  The cloaks began to take on the appearance of the area around them before smothering their wearer with invisibility.  Charr was the last to disappear.
    “I can’t wait,” the Nightmaster whispered before he turned invisible. 
    A second later they all vanished from his sensors.
    Inanis sighed.  “This is the Imperium.  There’s only war.  We won’t have to wait too long.”
    Inanis raised his foot and crushed the lictor’s head to paste. 
    The dreadnought walked away in silence.  The Predators’ crew had been ready and waiting, immediately pushing the tanks forward once Inanis had left.  The dozer-blade equipped tanks shoved the mounds of dead tyranids into the valley, burning away all evidence of the Typhoon Praetor’s duplicity in diverting the tyranid swarm to Condora City.  


A Haunted Chair - Cover Page
Cover page done by :iconvictorzulu:

Daphne decides to solo a mystery to prove she's an able sleuth and not a damsel in distress.  Hearing of a haunted furniture in a haunted mansion in the middle of nowhere haunted woods, Daphne breaks into the mansion without telling her friends to solve the mystery.  Too bad the mystery found her first.  

This comic is only sold through my Patreon and will be released on a later date.  The comic is only given to my patrons depending on supported rewards.  Support my Patreon at 
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This comic is only sold through my Patreon and will be released on a later date.  The comic is only given to my patrons depending on supported rewards.  Support my Patreon at 
Chrissy Marie - Seduced By An Intruder Screenshot
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This was a video I custom ordered a while back.  Chrissy Marie is pleasant and professional, more so than other individuals I had queried about their custom videos.  She will take payment in installments which allowed me to commission this video.  

Visit her website for her stuff or get a custom:

You can find the video at Clips 4 Sale when it comes out in early March with the last portion of the url being /98213/21114651.

This video will be released on my Patreon only to patrons that have stayed for a significant length of time.  Support my Patreon at 
Giving Mercy - Cover Page
Cover page done by Lucas. But he does work for Rubismar (

Coloring and lettering done by Nimesh

Mercy has been "hospitalized" in a Talon-run institution. The "doctors" proclaiming Mercy is under the delusion she was some sort of hero in a fictitious group known as "Overwatch". Wanting to "heal" her, the orderlies move in to take her mind off of things.

This comic is only sold through my Patreon and will be released on a later date.  The comic is only given to my patrons depending on supported rewards.  Support my Patreon at 
Siren's Induction - Cover Page
Cover page done by :iconvwolfxiv:

Artist also has other links:

Lovers Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy decide that they should form a team called the Sirens.  Membership in this somewhat esteemed group requires cooperation and friendship.  Somewhat overly abundant on the latter.  The unlikely group of heroines must face off a city filled with perverts and sex monsters that make no sense.  Needing a third member, they decide to forcefully recruit the reluctant Catwoman.  Regardless of what she decides, to be a member, you have to be really friendly.

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COLT731 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey do you know what happened to Creativore?
drb7364 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
I do.  He became a widow and decided to retire from art.
COLT731 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh. That's sad to hear :(
drb7364 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
It is indeed.
MRGunn-Art Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2019  Professional General Artist
Thank you for watching!
drb7364 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2019
You're welcome.
tyrionfan123 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Amilea is so hot
drb7364 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2018
lexxii Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi Andy & Welcome to Global Super Group :star: :iconcutieshots: :star: Please enjoy your membership :star: xoLexxCutieShots :star:
lexxii Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi Andy, Welcome to Global Super Group :star: :iconcutieshots: :star: Please enjoy your membership :star: xoLexxiiCutieShots :star:
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