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Well, it happened.

The Boy and I went to just LOOK at flats for after New Year, and we ended up falling in love with the second one we saw. We went for it, got it and have been trickling things into the flat for about two weeks.

Today is moving day, so we'll be in there tonight, and the net will follow us on the 21st. So expect even more absence (like we were active anyway. Oh 1,800Submissions, will I ever get through you?)

I'm terrified, but it's exicting to be living with him again.

Been working on skinwalkers and Insert Band Name Here mostly.

I've commissioned some great people in my time, I feel I should pimp them for anyone who bothers to read these things.

SpongeMuffin - Commissioned twice now by myself and once by my RP buddy. A wonderful, quick artist; and besides that wonderfully chatty and friendly. Well worth keeping an eye on and dropping a comment to. oh yes.

Neph - Another friendly, super-fast commissioner. Very eager to please and extremely affordable. Wonderfully imaginative too.

marourin - An artist with an amazing style and wonderful command of copics. Seriously wonderful. I've commissioned her a thousand times now and am more and more joyful each time.

keh-arts - One of my oldest friends and also a girl I have been commissioning for a good many years. She's cheap, she's got a gorgeous style and she's always willing to ship you the originals. She's a doll, she really is.

FoxyCharlie - Loved so much, commissioned two or three times now, and I was wonderfully happy both times. They're perfectly willing to just run with the slighest of guidance and - what I love in a commissioner - willing to ship sketches and completed art across the ocean to my door.

Vena Malfoy and Len84 - Sisters who work together and pull off amazing work. Well worth every penny commissioning these two. Friendly, fast and just amazing digital works.

nekophoenix - The first commission I got from Domly is hanging up and has been nearly like ten years. A gorgeous master of paints and primscolors, this is an artist who will always please you with the results.

CreatoreMagico - Of course, I must mention that my dearest boy offers chibi commissions most of the time and he is fast and they are always cheap and very adorable. Like him.

Sitaart - A wonderful rich CG styled artist, who does gorgeous WoW commissions (not that I play but you know.) She's done some gorgeous work for me and my friends and is, as ever, affordable.

HatterMadness - A dear sweetheart of a thing who will do you a super cheap CG commission in no time at all. She does terrible sexy mens, it must be said.

crumblygumbly - An artist I've loved a long time, and who I was lucky enough to nab some commission slots from. Fabulously fast work and just stunning ink work.

inkscribble - I'm already planning another commission from this artist. That just tells you how wonderful they are. A real joy to work it and a stunning visual style.

Hellobaby - An amazingly talented traditional media artist. Her work is stunningly detailed and gorgeously smooth. It's like owning a piece of an artbook.

Harpyqueen - As soon as I started watching this artist, I knew whom I wanted to commission from her the moment I could. A beautiful flowing style and amazingly sexy women.

Anoki-Doll - I recently had a wonderful birthday present from the boy of a commission from this artist, who happens to be one of my favourite artists out there. The watercolour piece arrived safely in my home and it is STUNNING. If you can get a slot from her, you'll not regret it.

griffsnuff - A fast and wonderful worker, who injects so much life and energy into the creatures they draw. I cannot fault a thing, and I think you'll be overjoyed with everything you get from this artist.

delightfully-sunny - A wonderful stylised artist with amazing use of colour and who is dedicated to her work. I doubt you'll be disppointed in either her prices or work if you choose to commission her. She's also a fabulous person.

My Beloved Boy
:huggle: CreatoreMagico :tighthug:

The Lovelies
These people deserve your attention. UNDIVIDED ATTENTION.

annarti badpirate  decacerata dustbudde Jadeica mashi-tsushiro nekophoenix mel-bot keh-arts

These people also need a mention, but don't update much

EE- DarkchaosJonWindschaser
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mel-bot Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2011
Oh wow congratulations you guys! And just in time for Christmas as well! :D Best of luck with it all. Is it furnished or are you guys having to sort all that out?
drazzi Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Unfurnished, but we're slowly adding to the collection. Mum and dad bought us a bed and bedroom set, we had one wardrobe already too. Then we got a free couch from a family friend, and Ku and I have been buying bookcases, half of them with money our dear Gem donated to us for Christmas.

It's all looking very swish =D

How was your Christmas, wifey?
mel-bot Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2012
Ahh nice :) I think unfurnished is definitely the way to go, all the furnished flats I've seen tend to have old horrible mismatched stuff that looks like the landlord just dumped it there rather than throw it away, haha. Plus it's just nice to have your own stuff! Callum and I finally managed to get our own place back in October and we had like nothing but a bed, a desk and a chair for a good couple of weeks haha. Glad that it sounds like you guys are settling in well! :)

My Christmas was pretty good thanks! Just the usual of going backwards and forwards between various relatives' houses and eating lots of chocolate and fancy cheese!! How was yours?

Happy new year! :D
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December 14, 2011