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Tue Jan 2, 2007, 2:32 PM
Let's hope this year is a good one. Let's hope this year is even half as good as 2006, which was a fantastic year for me, personally.

Yes, some things have changed in the last year, and some of them were bad. Some friendships changed a lot, but they're still there. And they're still dear to me. Some things I had to do were scary - some things I STILL have to do are scary.

But you know, you take the bad with the good. So let's do that.

And let's see how many scribbles I manage to post here during that time.

This is my Aussie twin~

These are my Roomies~
:iconkyuu: :iconcreatoremagico:

These are my loves~ (in alphabetical order)
:icondarkchaosjon: :icongarney: :iconkinkkayjay: :iconmellie-chan: :iconsilverie: :iconkeh-arts: :iconwindschaser:

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mikokit Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2007
ZOMG! Oh my gosh, I have been trying to find you for nearly a year! I used to read your bigess stories, about the Personas. I completely loved it. Hilarious and well thought out characters. And then my computer totaled, and it had to be wiped and reloaded. Lost nearly everything. And by that time bigess was gone! I haven't been able to find a trace of it for months. I am so glad you got a new website! ^__^ Happy for you. (Although sad at the loss.) And of course, I finally found the "+Fav" button, so now I can't lose this site again. ^__^ Anywaaaaay...Long ramble from an avid fangirl.
~Have a shiney day.
drazzi Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, this was surprising. I'm always surprised to know that people - who aren't my good friends - enjoy my characters/ficettes and so on.

Bigess is sadly dead, yes. But I do update here, my Y! gallery and my Livejournal often, if you want to keep up with my things. I also have a new domain, but there's nothing there so far xD

Anyway, I ramble. Thank you so much for the lovely comment. You really made me smile ^^
DarkchaosJon Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2007
drazzi Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I FORGOT TO ADD YOU. I fail at life.

:heart: There now though.
DarkchaosJon Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2007
LOL! I dont mind! I still love ya!
kyuu Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2007
drazzi Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:heart: back atcha.
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January 2, 2007