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the Creech fanart

Love that comic. Back in the day after school I was walking around, when my eye stopped on something... it was issue two of the Creech, standing there on a newsstand.... - back in Bulgaria at this time we didn’t had lotsa comic books(especially comic books from US or comics for mature readers), and there it was this gem of a book, I never got issue thtree or one, not until years later... but I spent a lot of time watching, admiring and dissecting every frame. A eacher in my highschool once took the issue from my hands, cuz I was watching it in class and ripped it, but years later I met my wife, who had the same issue and now I have the ripped and the prestine one :) Lucky me. Greg Capullo is a master comic artist that inspired me so much. Why the hell isn’t there a book containing all the Creech issues?
Anyway I’m spending some of my free time to draw stuff that inspired me when I was a kid and keep inspiring me to this day :) drawn on procreate, coloured in clip studio paint
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Now there's a name i haven't heard in many years!

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I’m not familiar with the character/comic, but this is striking nonetheless.