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shot 1 WIP

By drazebot
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shot01- I created a mummy character that I really really wanted to animate...
Soooo I did a animatic and after that I started this :)
background is not final- I'mma paint that shit ,
maybe I'll show the final thing once it's finished

I needs to work more on the camera wiggle and the length of the zoom

we'll see

btw does anyone know what a guy needs to do to be allowed to upload video files- avi, mov, etc ????
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Anybody else think as it was zooming in it was going to be a "Dat Ass" moment?
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I did a great job on the lighting :D :D :D
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The first time this loaded it did like a frame a minute, and it was so painstaking, all the suspense.
Now it's loaded and goes through so fast. ><
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yeah, no idea why that happens
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Wicked cool scene! I really dig the styley and details!
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This is super cool!
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i love the lighting in this :]
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great! :D
I really like the thing :P
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¡Awesome animation! How you do the zoom effect?
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very impressed by this, good work. how long did this take?
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You need to send an application and get approved by devart


takes a while to get approved though, still waiting for mine.

This looks awesome btw!
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the culprit was a MUMMY! his rotting flesh upsets my Tummy!
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sweet design by the way!
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wow this is awesome!!
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nice work, dude!
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man you are so talented

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