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boat going away

By drazebot
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my lunch sketch :)
I am experimenting with the channel swap technique...
I think I like using it :O

aaaanyway just a drawing with sea/ocean stuff

hope ya like
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It's special, because not only a pretty good looking painting. It's one of these that you stare at and feel nostalgic, happily sad. I love it.
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i like it..* u *..
Looks like legend of zelda: Windwaker. automatically reminded me of it, haha :)
amazing work tho
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I love the water. 0; It feels so realistic.
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Gawjuss angles, and I agree, the lens you simulated is really dynamic. Badassssss.
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another great experiment!
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this is very nice.. i dont see where this fits in to pop art though?
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Mnoo e qako ,4ovek ama spored men vse pak e trqaalo da ostavi6 nqakvo mqasto na blizkiqa ili na dale4niqat plan koeto da ne e blurnato za da se centrira malko .
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Awesome :D Any more details i can look up bout this channel swap technique you speak of?
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just go in the channels in PS and move them a bit :D
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cool thanx, ill give it a try :)
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Really like the way you used the curve in the sea, looks like it was taken with a fisheye lens, this work deserves more publicity for sure, going in my favs NOW~!
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