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Since I keep getting people still asking about necklaces, I no longer make them, and haven't for years. I gave my company over to several people.

There are some members who still make jewelry that have started their own shops. I gave them permission to upload old designs as well as reproduce new ones.

Bright Star Gifts is the ONLY company I gave this permission to. 

They are the only ones who I said it was ok to do this. 

They are the only ones who have my full permission to upload old pictures / sell designs.……

If you are intersted in getting a key made, CONTACT THEM. They can reproduce most of my designs.…

Also if you're an old follower of mine who followed me for my artwork / paintings I just want to say I love you and still think about you often :heart: Hope you guys are doing well :) Drayok misses you. 
I no longer am a part of KeypersCove. I have nothing to do with them, I stopped making jewelry in 2014. They are under new management, and I am doing other things with my life.