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His old CoR app is here

:bulletblue: Name: Devonte

:bulletpurple: Species: Gardevoir
:bulletblue: Type: Water/Dragon
:bulletpurple: Gender: Male
:bulletblue: Age: 25 Years
:bulletpurple: Class: Cleric
:bulletblue: Height: 5’5”
:bulletpurple: Ability: Fur Coat
:bulletblue: Moveset:

    Hydro Cannon

    Heal Bell

 :bulletpurple: Personality: He has a mild nature, and although he used to keep more to himself, he doesn’t like to be left alone with his own thoughts, especially after the separation of those he had managed to get close to.  Still, he’s very careful around people he doesn’t know very well, and can easily be put on guard.  Since he has lived in seclusion for most of his life, he’s not very knowledgeable, but he can pick up basic things fairly quickly.  He has a lot of trouble with approaching people and being the one to talk first, but he doesn’t mind talking to others if you approach him calmly.  However, the louder and more unpredictable you are, the more wary he’ll be around you, and it’ll take him a bit longer before he can trust you.  It’s also hard for him to see things from any perspective other than his own, since he’s not used to communicating with people, so it takes him a while before he is able to understand others well.

:bulletblue: History: Devonte is no stranger to drastic change.  His first instance was what seems long ago and distant, a time he does not clearly remember these days.  He was wary and uncertain of the strange people that inhabited that almost forgotten world, and it took him a while to adjust from living in solitude to actually socializing with people.  However, slowly but surely, he began to crawl out of his shell, realizing that people weren’t all too bad, and that he had been missing something very important in his life.  He still was unsure of whether he could fully trust the people he had come to know, unfortunately, and was hesitant on whether he could really rely on these others.

In the middle of an exploration of sorts, Devonte found himself once again the victim of change that he could not possibly understand.  As he entered into a forest that he was sure he had never seen before, he looked to see his body once again changed and that his mind was growing hazier the more he tried to remember why this new place was not the one that he belonged to.  In the matter of minutes, all the memories that had seemed so clear before became unrecallable.  If he had forgotten everything completely, then perhaps he would have reverted to where he had been before, content in his solitude, and fearful of those who would cross his path.  But in all his haziness, one thing was clear.  He had come to know good, kind people, who had meant more to him than he had realized, and now they were gone.  And he couldn’t even remember who ‘they’ were.  And so Devonte sat there, collapsed from the sudden change and clutching his head, as if that would somehow keep his memories from fading away.

Lucky enough for him, some folks from a nearby church had found him huddled by a tree, almost completely unresponsive, and took him in, helping him recover from his state of shock.  He found himself more afraid of being alone with his jumbled up thoughts than of the new people around him, and decided to stay at the church rather than go out into this strange new place by himself.  After a while, Devonte became interested in what these people had to say.  They were followers of the goddess Aoibheann, and were mostly healers of one kind or another.  Discovering his own ability of healing, he began to learn from the kind church folk, helping with the ill and wounded under their direction as best he could.  And each day he heard of their faith, he felt a growing sense of comfort, the only one he had in this whole world so far.

But things were not to stay the same for long, as much as Devonte would wish it.  As disasters became more frequent, and people spoke of signs of the end of their world, it was announced by the gods and goddesses that in order for the people to be saved, their deities must sacrifice their lives.  The church mourned for the imminent loss of their goddess, but prepared as best as they could, as they did not know what would happen after this sacrificial ceremony was complete.  They carefully took down their largest stained glass window, depicting their goddess, and safely stored it for whatever was to happen next, which turned out to be a smart move on their part.  Before the ceremony could be complete, the island’s earthquakes had made its way to their church, causing serious damage to the large stone structure, harming many in the process.

Now living in a familiar but strange world, Devonte works with the church that he has become a part of, to remake both their building and their way of life, healing and caring for those who are lost and hurt.


:bulletpurple: Familiar’s Name: Dimitri

:bulletblue: Familiar’s Personality: While Devonte is mild-mannered and soft-spoken, Dimitri is quite the opposite.  He is brash, goes where he pleases, and is rather grumpy.  He tries to push Devonte to be more adventurous and to go places, but not for Devonte’s own good.  Rather, he tends to get bored with Devonte’s quiet life, and wants to shake things up a bit now and then.  All in all, he’s quite good at bullying Devonte to do what he wants.

:bulletpurple: Extras:

-The change of worlds has left his memory nothing but scraps of his life in Tarpaulin, and hardly anything at all before that, but if he meets with people he knew from there, his memory of that person will return, bit by bit.

-He likes quite places, nature, soft things and pretty music

-Things that he doesn’t like are loud noises/people and crowds

-Remember that fluffy cloak thing and staff from his previous app?  He still has those, they’re just not pictured here


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devonte!! i love his tunic~
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Awwwwwh thanks friend~! :glomp: