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Barboach Plush by Draxorr Barboach Plush :icondraxorr:Draxorr 96 6 Persian Plush by Draxorr Persian Plush :icondraxorr:Draxorr 153 26 Zigzagoon Plush by Draxorr Zigzagoon Plush :icondraxorr:Draxorr 168 18 Dratini Plush by Draxorr Dratini Plush :icondraxorr:Draxorr 99 8 Meganium Plush by Draxorr Meganium Plush :icondraxorr:Draxorr 598 83 Leafeon plush by Draxorr Leafeon plush :icondraxorr:Draxorr 132 12 Shiny Umbreon Plush by Draxorr Shiny Umbreon Plush :icondraxorr:Draxorr 209 11 Umbreon and Espeon plushies by Draxorr Umbreon and Espeon plushies :icondraxorr:Draxorr 175 14 Shiny Sentret plush 2.0 by Draxorr Shiny Sentret plush 2.0 :icondraxorr:Draxorr 157 16 Golbat Plush by Draxorr Golbat Plush :icondraxorr:Draxorr 112 14 Shiny Bellossom plush 2.0 by Draxorr Shiny Bellossom plush 2.0 :icondraxorr:Draxorr 116 10 Houndour Plush 2.0 by Draxorr Houndour Plush 2.0 :icondraxorr:Draxorr 81 10 Mimikyu Plush using Shadow Claw by Draxorr Mimikyu Plush using Shadow Claw :icondraxorr:Draxorr 170 16 Sentret Plush by Draxorr Sentret Plush :icondraxorr:Draxorr 178 18 Shiny Bellossom plush by Draxorr Shiny Bellossom plush :icondraxorr:Draxorr 167 22 Mareep plush by Draxorr Mareep plush :icondraxorr:Draxorr 121 11


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Commissions are currently closed.

Current projects (Early 2018):
:bulletorange: Mandibuzz (15%)(commission) Highest priority!
:bulletorange: Poochyena (1%) (trade)
:bulletorange: Small Natu Pokedoll (95%)
:bulletorange: Huge Luxray (0%)

Things that I would really like to make someday (these might be made as personal projects inbetween commissions):

:bulletorange: Aron ***
:bulletorange: Wigglytuff (pokedoll style) ***
:bulletorange: Bayleef ****
:bulletorange: Jolteon **
:bulletorange: Lotad **
:bulletorange: Rockruff ***
:bulletorange: Shiny Noctowl **
:bulletorange: Typhlosion ***
:bulletorange: Weepinbell
:bulletorange: Croconaw ***
:bulletorange: BMO (Adventure Time) ***
:bulletorange: Gecko plush (with printed minky?) **
:bulletorange: ...
I won't be opening commission until early next year at the earliest but since people have been asking about commissions and prices, I felt it could be useful to have a page with information to link to. :)


General Information
Bullet; Orange  You cannot commit to a slot without having requested and received a quote from me first! I will announce when I open commissions so that people will have time to send in quote requests (this is to assure I don't get projects on my plate that I feel I can't make to high standard)
Bullet; Orange All prices are in EUROS
Bullet; Orange  Even though I'm trying to keep my to-do list small, it still might take several months for me to finish your plush. I'll try to keep you updated throughout the process but I'd really rather not answer weekly messages to the tune of "Heyyy have you made any more progress yet?". If anything, messages like these will give me some anxiety, making it longer for me to finish a plush!
Bullet; Orange  I would greatly prefer to discuss quotes in private messages/notes as opposed to public comments
Bullet; Orange  Plush are made of minky fabric with suede cloth details and will feature machine embroidered/appliqued details. I may use different materials if requested/at my own discretion
Bullet; Orange  Please have a look at my previous works to see if my style suits what you have in mind

Bullet; Orange I may require 25% payment upfront for materials (in the case of OCs this might be more). This payment might be refunded under special circumstances, if I have not yet started on a plush.
Bullet; Orange  I only accept payment by Paypal, bank transfer (European customers) or BTC/ETH/LTC
Bullet; Orange  I'm open to payment plans, please don't be afraid to propose one (before committing to a slot preferably)

What I will/won't make
Bullet; Orange  If I feel I cannot honour your request (either it's too complicated or requires techniques/materials I'm not familiar with or can't acquire) I reserve the right to not accept your commission. I will inform you of this when giving you a quote and I may suggest changes to make the project doable for me
Bullet; Orange  I'm mostly interested in making Pokémon or similar creatures
Bullet; Orange  I won't do humans, gore, suggestive stuff, OCs that don't belong to you
Bullet; Orange  I'm not comfortable doing Disney/Pixar characters

Bullet; Orange  I ship either from the Netherlands (within the Netherlands or Europe using PostNL) or from Belgium (worldwide using BPost)
Bullet; Orange  Shipping costs are not included in quotes. Plush up to 2kg can be sent worldwide for 9 euros (no tracking). Tracking outside Europe will cost significantly more but is recommended for more expensive plush
Bullet; Orange  I use recycled materials to package my plush
Bullet; Orange  Should a parcel get lost I will try my best to work something out with you in the form of a replacement plush or (partial) refund. Ultimately though I will not be responsible for lost parcels
Bullet; Orange  I'm willing to mark down the value of the parcel to save you custom fees

Examples and pricing

Bullet; Orange  Pricing depends on size but to a greater degree on complexity 
Bullet; Orange  I'm willing to remake plush I've made before (though there's a few exceptions) but I depending on the request, I may prefer to change small things (different facial expression etc) to keep plushies more unique.

Up to 6 inch: €25 - €125
Magnemite plush by Draxorr Regular and shiny Swablu plushies by Draxorr  Mareep plush by Draxorr
Bullet; Orange This tier includes pokedolls
Bullet; Orange Please note generally only real simple plush will fall in the €25 category, more likely if I've made the plush before (and therefor won't have to make a pattern and embroidery files from scratch).

6-10 inch: €50 - €200
Shiny Umbreon Plush by DraxorrShiny Bellossom plush by Draxorr Sentret Plush by Draxorr Mega Kangaskhan baby Plush by Draxorr

Bullet; Orange
Size I'm most comfortable working in
Bullet; Orange Proportionate plush of reasonably complex Pokémon would look best in at least 6 inch (the nap of minky might otherwise obscure little details or the size might be too small for me to add things such as nails, thread sculpted toes)
Bullet; Orange laying eeveelutions or similar quadrupled plush start at €70
10-16 inch: €100 - €300
Meganium Plush by DraxorrHuge Rowlet plush by Draxorr  Noctowl Plush different angle by Draxorr
Bullet; Orange I don't have too much experience making larger plush ^^;
Bullet; Orange Unless you want a very simple plush, quotes will be high! These larger projects generally take a long time and require a lot of materials, both for prototyping as well as for the finished plush.


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