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Halloween '16 by drax99 Halloween '16 :icondrax99:drax99 3 0 Writer Ribbon by drax99 Writer Ribbon :icondrax99:drax99 1 0
Mature content
Room for Rent: Chapter 2 :icondrax99:drax99 1 0
Mature content
Room for Rent: Chapter 1 :icondrax99:drax99 1 3
Mature content
Room for Rent: Prologue :icondrax99:drax99 3 0
Mature content
Preview: Unforgiven :icondrax99:drax99 0 0
Preview: The Pink Nightmare
This definitely wasn't one of my better ideas. It was almost as bad as the time I tried to make chicken noodle soup for Fluttershy when she was sick. I mean sure, eggs count as chicken, but she didn't know that, and she nearly had a seizure when I told her what she was eating. I would never hurt one of her little pet chickens. That was a real disaster.
This was far worse. I had taken a dare from Rainbow Dash that I couldn't make a costume scarier than her, and worse, I took the advice of the Cutie Mark Crusaders and was looking for something I KNOW scared Rainbow Dash. I was looking for the Ghostly Trees. I was looking for the evil meanie trees that I had giggled at to show my friends not to be afraid.
I was deep in the Everfree Forest, and I was completely alone.
I mean, normally it’s not so bad, the critters mostly leave me alone, and I can giggle at the spooky stuff. Being alone, however, was starting to make me just a teensy bit worried. Even my Pinkie Sense was giving me all
:icondrax99:drax99 1 0
Behind the Curtain: Prologue
Did you know that the first Matrix was designed to be a perfect human world? Where none suffered, where everyone would be happy. It was a disaster. No one would accept the program. Entire crops were lost. Some believed we lacked the programming language to describe your perfect world. But I believe that, as a species, human beings define their reality through suffering and misery. The perfect world was a dream that your primitive cerebrum kept trying to wake up from. --Agent Smith
A steady beeping echoed around the little room as lights flashed lethargically in random patterns across the control panels of various machines. Intermittent scratching marked the passage of ink across a graphed chart as another machine recorded esoteric data in a spiked line along a continuous scroll which gathered in neatly perforated sheets in a bin below. The ambient light was mostly a warm yellow of incandescent bulbs, highlighted by the violet glow of one of the room
:icondrax99:drax99 0 0
Diary of a Mad Mare Ch3
Dear Sunbutt,
Guess what? I’m drunk! Why don't we have this stuff in Equestria? Even Japplejacks cider ain't this good. Jack days humans drink it to feel good and forget stuff, and I’m feelin really good now. Hah, and its made from corn! I remember seeing some silly law about no alka alpo booze. Too scared your little ponies kant take it? Huh?
I feel fiiine. me and Jack drank wisky and sang songs all night. Pipy pie just stared at us with a stupid look on her stupid face like some lost dog. Dashie tried to make me stop, but Im a grown mare and I know what I want. Y’know jack isn't too badfor a bald monky thing. too bad hes so bukin ugly!
Wanna know a secret? I kissed him. He freaked out and ran away after that, so I drank the rest of the bottle. I don care no more. I’m gonna die here, and I don't care. Pinks is till starin at me now, and I don't care. Rambo dashie wont talk to me and I don care.
Why the buck haven't you saved us yet? Are we not good enough for y
:icondrax99:drax99 0 4
EC and Me by drax99 EC and Me :icondrax99:drax99 1 1 Blackie Pie PoD by drax99 Blackie Pie PoD :icondrax99:drax99 4 0
Mature content
Tiffany Twisted :icondrax99:drax99 0 0
Preview: Weekend at Sunny's
Weekend at Sunny's
As Rainbow Dash rounded the final lap of the Cloudsdale 500, she could feel the burn in her wings. She was ahead of the pack by at least three lengths and Spitfire was giving her a run for the finish. Sure she knew she was the fastest flier in all of Equestria, but this was the captain of the Wonderbolts she was competing against! But she had to win, not just to prove to them that she had what it took, but to win the prize of one week at the Wonderbolts spring training camp!
The finish line came into view, and she felt her idol’s breath hot on her hooves, creeping closer in an attempt to make a pass. Dash pulled out the last stops to put on an impossible burst of speed just as the finish came within her grasp. She was there, twenty meters, ten meters, and then suddenly Pinkie Pie appeared, shoving her aside and gasping in her ear!
“Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasp! Dashie, wake up!” The pink pony spouted like a steam whistle.
With a start, Ra
:icondrax99:drax99 0 0
Mature content
Monster of Everfree Chapter 1 :icondrax99:drax99 2 6
The Monster of Everfree Forest
As a violet glow carried a large, heavy tome across the room to the waiting mint-green unicorn, the lavender librarian looked at the cover with a concerned look on her face.
"Ahh, Lyra? While I am happy to see you finally taking a serious interest in your unicorn training, don't you think that advanced summoning theory is a bit... advanced for a starting lesson?" The massive, Pinkie-sized grin she received only served to creep her out even more as she levitated several similar books from their resting places among the shelves. "I know you have an amazing talent at object manipulation, and music, but this is an entirely different field of study. Even I have trouble with these spells!"
"Oh, don't worry Twilight! I've always been a quick study. I graduated from the Canterlot School of Arts as it's youngest alumni, at the top of my class. The only other pony to ever do that was an earth pony that played the cello." Nodding enthusiastically, Lyra gripped the book
:icondrax99:drax99 1 1
Patchwork Pony Ch. 4
Rarity Dearest
"Try again. Remember to clear your mind, and focus." For the umpteenth time since returning to the crusader HQ, I was attempting to help my new friend use his magic, without success. "Just picture an invisible hoof, gripping the item, and lifting it." Even a feather, loaned from Scootaloo, seemed beyond the ability of the pony before me. A pony that had just recently lifted two fillies effortlessly, and slammed them into a tree like rag dolls. A feat I couldn't even do.
"Auugh, this is taking forever! He was awesome earlier, like Twilight, swooping in and throwing those two mules around. Now he can't even lift a feather. "Scootaloo grumped in a nearby corner, clearly bored with our efforts. "And why did he need MY feather? He has plenty of his own!"
"Because yours are smaller and lighter. We wanted to start small as possible, and work up, but it seems whatever made him able to use his magic isn't working anymore." In fact there wasn't even a hint of a gl
:icondrax99:drax99 1 3

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Yes, Pinkie Pie's butt.

Meh, been awhile since I wrote anything. Just no motivation, work sucks, and worried constantly about money.

Have some lighthearted sitcom.
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Draconis Maxmillian
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United States
Mostly a lurker, and collector of art. Furry for many years, and recently infected with the Brony Virus. Graphic artist by training, but never was able to get a job at it. That said, I can color and edit like a pro, but cant draw a straight line to save my life.

Finally decided to post something, in the form of a Fanfiction i am writing. It is based in the realm of the new My Little Pony show, so take it as you will.

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Personal Quote: Darkness is not the absense of light, but merely the inability to percieve.



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