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Dragon Hunter - Chapter 2
Dragon Hunter
Chapter 2
3rd February
9.54 pm

I ran towards the house, now with a bag of food. I was worried for Laura. My trip to the village had taken way too long. Did she hear when I told her to lock the doors? I took my keys and unlocked the front door. My fingers were already numb from trying to find a busstop.
I kicked the snow off my boots and took off my winter clothes. 9.54 pm.
I'd been gone for around three hours. I sighed and proceeded to put the food in the fridge and cabinets.
Suddenly, I heard light tapping against the wooden floor. I didn't look at her as I spoke,
"Sorry for taking so long. It usually takes two hours instead."
As I put in the last piece of food, I looked at her. Her blue eyes pierced into mine.
She walked up to me, keeping eyecontact. Her expression was unreadable. Who knew a seven year old could look so intimidating.
"Okay, end with the game. Whats wrong? Did someone get in?"
Laura didn't rep
:icondrawtwist:DrawTwist 3 7
Dragon Hunter - Chapter 1

Dragon Hunter
Chapter 1
5.37 pm.
Thursday 2nd February 1988.

"Dear Valorin.
If you ever get this letter, which I highly doubt, please consider staying away from me. I have no tolerance whatsoever for what you've been doing for eight years. Not sending any message or visiting at all, I mean. I would kindly suggest you have your own life in the city and don't show your face in my parts. Ever.
Sincerely, Val."
I read it out loud another time. It felt as though I've written this over and over again! My hand was numb and my throat was sore. I had written, not to mention read, almost twenty different letters for the traitor known as my brother.
I sighed and went outside, seeing the mail man stand there.
The mail man nodded kindly, "Hello, Valon."
"Hi. Would you mind getting this to Backworthstreet 11? It's important and I'm no where near an universal mailbox."
I plastered a smile on my face as he grabbed it with a nod.
"Count on me! It'll be there by thursday!"
I sigh
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Art I like the most


The Dark Existence - Chapter 16
-Jason ~ Mortal-
   I stepped out of the portal into a large stone room. It was huge and decorated with what looked like royal banners on the walls and other such fancy things, so I assumed it was a castle. Though, it was also deathly quiet. Tamarr stepped out behind Vince and I, then the portal closed.
The Grim Reaper turned back to us, "Follow me." She started walking down a connecting hallway. I let Vince's wrist go, since the sound of our footsteps was easy to hear in the empty stone room. We followed her down the hall in silence. Tamarr climbed up on me and hopped up on my shoulder.
He smiled, "So, you've been enjoying your time in the Hallows Realm so far?"
I smiled, "Yeah, kinda. Some of the Night Creatures around here still creep me out, but I’ve met a few nice people since coming, so that kinda makes up for it."
Tamarr chuckled, "Yeah, makes sense. Some of us can be pretty creepy." He glanced at the Grim Reaper up ahead, "What about Reaper? She scare you
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*April Fools Prank* Vampire of Cosium~ 9
The Dias of Sevtii
The Oracle of Truth

     Fire burned in the pit, lighting up the room. It was a small room with the fire pit in the middle of the floor while a hole in the ceiling opened to the starry sky above. Bowls of water sat around the fire pit, each with rose petals floating on their surfaces around water lilies. There were also pieces of gold in between every two bowls of water and candles between the rest.
The figures around the fire spoke in strange languages to the setup. They bowed and did gestures with their hands to it and up to the sky.
I watched in silence. This was the first time I had ever seen something like this. I didn't understand what they were doing, but I knew it was very important. To the village, and to my future.
Then the smoke grew up from the fire. The adults pushed me forward, right in front of the fire. The heat was intense and I was afraid.
As I looked into the fire, I thought I could see something. A pair of red eyes, wa
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what's behind? by Myebi what's behind? :iconmyebi:Myebi 275 48 Commission for RoX-Ann page2 by LiyuConberma Commission for RoX-Ann page2 :iconliyuconberma:LiyuConberma 341 45 Commission for RoX-Ann page1 by LiyuConberma Commission for RoX-Ann page1 :iconliyuconberma:LiyuConberma 315 20 tododeku dump by Greeny-Chan tododeku dump :icongreeny-chan:Greeny-Chan 131 2 TodoDeku(Boku no Hero Academia) by TakahaneAzusa TodoDeku(Boku no Hero Academia) :icontakahaneazusa:TakahaneAzusa 252 13 B O I by spaced---out B O I :iconspaced---out:spaced---out 17 5
Awesome or nice things I like :3


DrawTwist's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I have a habit of drawing different things.

For a long while, I only drew sonic, which I haven't drawn in weeks now. Now, I'm obsessed with My Hero Academia and I'm improving greatly! I hope you enjoy this profile a whole lot and please do show support!

If you view my art, please give a comment! I need to know if I did good or if I can improve somehow. I won't get better at art if people just favorite.

Thanks and have a good day!

Few info's of me!

1. My English is better than my mother tongue Swedish

2. I have made art since I was a toddler and I still get giddy when I get a new idea!

3. I love making friends! So do not feel afraid to message!

4. I'm a female, so female pronouns, if you're unsure because of the internet!

5. I'm only ever mean if you're mean to me. If you hate on my art, I will, however, brush it off as critique! If you Think my art is bad, I'm just going to try and improve! :)

That's all!



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