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Dark Rey Twerk

"The dark side of the Twerk is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural."

My final animation for 2019. I wish you all a Happy New Year 2020!

Check out the Jedi version here. 

Based on :icondevilhs:’s Dark Rey art.

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Oh it’s gonna make me so hard🤤🤤

Do one with ahsoka

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She's not real Skywalker

Drawsputin's avatar

Ofcourse not; she's a Palpatine.

I'd sooner buy a bridge than that "Skywalker honorary member" BS.

CAHunk100's avatar
Oh, yes embrace the dark side.  :P (Lick) 
ZER0GEO's avatar
Wonder I like the Sith so much? 0w0
Drawsputin's avatar
Cause Sith are so friendly; obviously. 
ZER0GEO's avatar
Well, they certainly brought me to the dark side.
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I wonder how Ben feels about this.
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Vindicated. He predicted she'd be the one to turn and stand with him....or twerk with him rather.
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Awesome job :3
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Thank you. I did such a great job, nobody noticed that hideous, glitching line in the cloth above her butt. :D (Big Grin) 
TheTubich's avatar
Lol, you expect someone to catch a error around the butt area XD
PS. I actually saw that, it is a common mistake in animation, but its small, and again in the butt area, so it was not worth pointing out :)
Drawsputin's avatar
You have a good eye.

It's as though people don't see that line cause she's using mind tricks with her butt. XD 
TheTubich's avatar
A good way to mask mistakes is by distraction :)
alv231's avatar
Use your luscious curves,
Let the lust flow through you
PLCTheCd's avatar
THat is no moon
Drawsputin's avatar
It's a bouncy space station! 
Soooo what's ur fave star wars movie?
Drawsputin's avatar
Empire Strikes Back.

I love the war on Hoth with the AT-ST's, it has my favorite character Yoda, it's the first time you hear the Imperial March music, Han and Leia get a ton of development, and I like the darker tone and how more personal the story feels. 
For me
Revenge of the sith

The movie was DARK
especially how anakin changed to Darth vader
And let's not forget the order 66
When the clones betrayed the Jedi.

"Commander cody the time has come, Execute order 66"

I love this quote

And I like
all lightsaber duels in this movie
Especially Obi-wan vs anakin
Drawsputin's avatar
RotS is definitely one of the best in the series, and it's the best in the Prequel trilogy. 

It does a great job with Anakin's journey to the dark side and how it impacts all the other characters. If you watch Clone Wars or The Clone Wars, the clones turning on the Jedi feels even more tragic. 

Also, Palpatine has so many memorable scenes. He's a meme machine with how Ian McDiarmid delivers every line of dialogue. "UNLIMITED POWER!!!"
praedatorius's avatar
Now I understand why people keep going over to the dark side.
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