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We needed a Break!
Bussy, bussy and bussy! It's bad and we like to be bussy. But sometimes
you needed a short break.

So a new year i begon!!! YEEh, lest get it on.
We have a new folder on this group called themes.
You can choise whish theme you like!

Winter wonderland
Spring fruity and lightfull
Harry Potter
Funny Potraits

Hope we see you soon!

We wish everyone Happy New Year!
Let it be a great year for everyone Yeah!!!
Ubisoft develops patch for Assassin's Creed
By Tom Rosen, Monday, November 26, 2007 10:48, views: 24,460

Ubisoft is working on a patch for the PS3 version of Assassin's Creed. The update of the developer, the problems many users have with the game, problems.

Users have been complaining about longer crashes when playing the PS3 game. This initially appeared to come from new 2.0 firmware of the console in parallel with the release of Assassin's Creed was released. After Sony firmware 2.01 introduced earlier, Ubisoft is now raising their own patch.

Although there were already rumors that the PS3 firmware is not the main cause of the crashes would be, Ubisoft has now confirmed an update to its development. "This update improves the stability of the game and will soon be released", so let Chris Easton from the developer on the official forum of Assassin's Creed know.
Hi guys

Some of you know i had some problems whit my playstation console. Today i bring it to shop where i buy my PS3 for repare. I told my story whats wrong and they say, there is nothing to do about it you can better buy a new whan! my old console!!!!! Maby a played to much! And maby kills Assassins Ezio my console! The problems are starded when i played Assassins creed! The problems are my screem shocks if hi most do some fast moves! Allso hi dont start from disc or hi dont start it all! Yeahh it sad!!
But it whas not a new console when i buy it! Hi whas second-hand, and an older type! I don't care, i had allot of fun and joyness!

Lucky me i had an extra on my bank this mound, i gonna look for a new whan new!

Grrrr.....i whas sooooo dammmm... far whit the Brotherhood!!

Ezio did it!! Hi kills my CONSOLE!!!!!! (LOL)
Hey hello guys

You can upload here all your AC 1, AC 2, AC Brotherhood Art!
We are a great fan of Assassins Creed and we love to see some artwork of this great game ever made!

Share your game expiriments and tell us what you think about AC Brotherhood. Exemple, what is your favorit charcter or do love other things in the game?


PS3 id: herroracer

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