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We are DrawSometingDiffrent. This group is intended that in addition to your own Font style you can do something fun or something crazy can make. For example you are a traditional artist for fun and you have a show or something totally different way. Then this is the place where you can show!

Why this group?
Sometimes it helps people around him or her character style to change or improve something else to do in between. And usually it's nice to be able to do something renewed! We're not saying you necessarily have to refresh or something else to do! But it's more about the Fun!

Rules and Manuals:

Let your imagination and stimulate let us see your work!
It can be anything! As long as it is not violent! Well can you put a funny drawing or a Pirate or Assassin that eating ice cream! Example.

All medias are possible but as long as the drawing area. Please no pictures or Cosplay.

Preferably not, but a small strip is allowed.
We track this group are concerned with creativity and imagination!

Fantasy is obviously impossible to imagine and is very welcome! It could be anything!

Original characters are always fun! Here you can also upload your character designs. We love original characters!

Rules 1
We do not use violence in the papers! This group is mainly meant to do something else than you are used to, it must be nice emotional, beautiful, comfortable and romantic (not sexy) are full of fantasy, and antrhos are allowed!
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Important You will not be able to apply for a new group until this application is either approved or declined.


About Us

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