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yup, it's been about 3 weeks since my old computer died. A very expensive 4 weeks. With a new box, and a gently used upgrade on Adobe, I'm up and running again. Still really need Painter but I'm grateful for what I've got so far. Being as this was a big unexpected expense, I've been kicking around doing a Kickstarter to offset the financial hit. All the different levels I'm planning to do, if it's successful, will be like doing 4 or 5 cons. I'll be putting up sketches, prints and copies of the book I've been working toward finishing.

The past couple of weeks, I've been familiarizing myself with the brushes in Photoshop. It's the same version I have at work, but the work computer has a fourth the power my new box does. All my old graphics programs were too old for Windows 7, hence the upgrades. Microsoft office worked though (whopee). It was an uphill battle getting windows 7 to recognize my wacom tablet. Oy, what a mess.

Still on my plate, a short anthology piece that is all about the hardcore punk scene in DC and a graphic novel project that has been going on longer than I hoped.

It's been a bad year for shows. Can't swing driving outside the 614 so I'm stuck with area shows.
- I got rejected (again?) from the local Craftin' Outlaws again so no planned shows so far for the fall. I might skip out on vying for that show altogether.
- Comfest was always a blast. Great time. I don't make a ton of money at this festival but I always make enough to enjoy myself at the show. Really shaked my funk off from a shitty turn at SPACE.
- I had my first bad show at SPACE since... well since SPACE started up. Traditionally, that's my best show of the year. Columbus really needs a new pro-indie store to pump up sales. Maybe it's been too long since the Ogre was 'The Laughing Ogre'. Also the show really needs to curate the table spaces. If I were walking down a row of dodgy mini-comics, I'd be out the door too. The organizer swears ticket sales were up. They must have looked around, got scared, and left because it was a ghost town.
- Keeping my eyes peeled for new non-comic shows to balance out the cons I do do. I am confirmed for next year's Gem City show which should be good.

Next year will be better. There's always next year.
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