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So far...

- S.P.A.C.E. March 19-20th. Columbus, OH. low dow show:$5 will get you in.
site: backporchcomics.com/space.htm


- Comfest (w/ the Panel Collective). Gooddale Park. Columbus, OH (Last weekend of June) It's free, though parking is a hassle. Some how a ca-gillion people show up anyway to this event. Sweaty good time.
site: comfest.com

- Craftin' Outlaws. fall (?) 2011. Columbus,OH. no date yet. It's 'juried' so I got hosed last year which still puzzles me.
site: craftinoutlaws.com

That's it, unless something else pops up. Genghiscon might happen again this year.

*I'm up for a commission sketch anytime if you're coming to one of the confirmed shows. Some of my pieces on here are prints available on my etsy store (search 'drawrobot'). S.P.A.C.E. posters are available either individually or a subscription type deal (last four. while supplies last)

**Deviant art's a bad way to contact me. Email's on my website.

I'm pretty set against doing mainstream (cons) anymore. Unless I get invited (i.e. table fee waived), I'm not doing it. There are some exceptions...

Motor City I'd like to do some year. It's close and fairly inexpensive to do.

I'd like to do Gem City again one year but not get stuck in that indy room that's a fire trap. Great show, the most comfortable (table) chairs.

Heroescon is out. :( Someday soon.

Baltimorecon I doubt I'll go but it's one I'd like to go to if a nice freelance gig would fall out of the sky.

Someday, I'd like to get in on the art festival circuit. Columbus Arts Festival is high on my list but the juried/submissions process is weird. They're notorious for not showing artists from Columbus, even though it has 'Columbus' in the title. My address is now not Columbus so maybe there's a shot.
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