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I'll try something new here, if anyone would like to have a commissioned sketch from me... and you're going to one of the show's I'll be at: I can do it in advance and bring it to the show with me. This will save you time waiting around for me to finish it. Stress-free. Head shots, a figure sketch, something wacky. Email me and we'll talk. I do sort of a fusion of graphite, marker & sometimes ink on bristol. My email is t_bill23 at the mail that is hot. ;) ...and now on with the spring show schedule.

- Lexington Comic & Toy Con. March 24th. Lexington, KY.
- Gem City Comicon. March 31st - April 1st. Dayton, OH.
- S.P.A.C.E. April 21st- 22nd. Columbus, OH.
- Packrat Comics. May 5th (Free Comic Book Day) Hilliard, OH.

all the shows I believe are extremely affordable to get in. This is the first year for Lexington. I can't say enough great things about Gem City and SPACE, well you have to go at least once. If you've never ventured into an all indie show. Packrat's of course free.

also I want to state that I'm always up for a commissioned sketch. Don't be shy. I maintain a presence on here but if it's something you're dying for or you need to contact me: the email above is always best. I'm not on here a lot.


Been really busy with the day job and freelance. It's a good thing in this economy, so I'm not complaining in the least. Finished up two anthology pieces. One is a story on the band Bad Brains, that will appear in District Comics. The anthology is set to debut at SPX in September. The other piece, well once I have more information, I'll let everyone know. I'm pretty stoked about it. The publisher likes the concept enough to let the writer and I do a 4 part sequel to it. Working on promo material for SPACE., more comic stuff and I hope to work in some time to get behind a canvas or two this year. 2012 is shaping up to be a great year.

peace out,
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yup, it's been about 3 weeks since my old computer died. A very expensive 4 weeks. With a new box, and a gently used upgrade on Adobe, I'm up and running again. Still really need Painter but I'm grateful for what I've got so far. Being as this was a big unexpected expense, I've been kicking around doing a Kickstarter to offset the financial hit. All the different levels I'm planning to do, if it's successful, will be like doing 4 or 5 cons. I'll be putting up sketches, prints and copies of the book I've been working toward finishing.

The past couple of weeks, I've been familiarizing myself with the brushes in Photoshop. It's the same version I have at work, but the work computer has a fourth the power my new box does. All my old graphics programs were too old for Windows 7, hence the upgrades. Microsoft office worked though (whopee). It was an uphill battle getting windows 7 to recognize my wacom tablet. Oy, what a mess.

Still on my plate, a short anthology piece that is all about the hardcore punk scene in DC and a graphic novel project that has been going on longer than I hoped.

It's been a bad year for shows. Can't swing driving outside the 614 so I'm stuck with area shows.
- I got rejected (again?) from the local Craftin' Outlaws again so no planned shows so far for the fall. I might skip out on vying for that show altogether.
- Comfest was always a blast. Great time. I don't make a ton of money at this festival but I always make enough to enjoy myself at the show. Really shaked my funk off from a shitty turn at SPACE.
- I had my first bad show at SPACE since... well since SPACE started up. Traditionally, that's my best show of the year. Columbus really needs a new pro-indie store to pump up sales. Maybe it's been too long since the Ogre was 'The Laughing Ogre'. Also the show really needs to curate the table spaces. If I were walking down a row of dodgy mini-comics, I'd be out the door too. The organizer swears ticket sales were up. They must have looked around, got scared, and left because it was a ghost town.
- Keeping my eyes peeled for new non-comic shows to balance out the cons I do do. I am confirmed for next year's Gem City show which should be good.

Next year will be better. There's always next year.
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So far...

- S.P.A.C.E. March 19-20th. Columbus, OH. low dow show:$5 will get you in.


- Comfest (w/ the Panel Collective). Gooddale Park. Columbus, OH (Last weekend of June) It's free, though parking is a hassle. Some how a ca-gillion people show up anyway to this event. Sweaty good time.

- Craftin' Outlaws. fall (?) 2011. Columbus,OH. no date yet. It's 'juried' so I got hosed last year which still puzzles me.

That's it, unless something else pops up. Genghiscon might happen again this year.

*I'm up for a commission sketch anytime if you're coming to one of the confirmed shows. Some of my pieces on here are prints available on my etsy store (search 'drawrobot'). S.P.A.C.E. posters are available either individually or a subscription type deal (last four. while supplies last)

**Deviant art's a bad way to contact me. Email's on my website.

I'm pretty set against doing mainstream (cons) anymore. Unless I get invited (i.e. table fee waived), I'm not doing it. There are some exceptions...

Motor City I'd like to do some year. It's close and fairly inexpensive to do.

I'd like to do Gem City again one year but not get stuck in that indy room that's a fire trap. Great show, the most comfortable (table) chairs.

Heroescon is out. :( Someday soon.

Baltimorecon I doubt I'll go but it's one I'd like to go to if a nice freelance gig would fall out of the sky.

Someday, I'd like to get in on the art festival circuit. Columbus Arts Festival is high on my list but the juried/submissions process is weird. They're notorious for not showing artists from Columbus, even though it has 'Columbus' in the title. My address is now not Columbus so maybe there's a shot.
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2010 was a real year of highs and lows for me. Seriously, it feels like 2009 was eons ago. Some health issues came to light this year, moving to a new place, a book deal, got married, and there was the unfortunate passing of my father-in-law. While starting a new life together has been great, it has been hard dealing with the passing of my wife's dad. 2011's got to be better, right?

I guess this is where one spews out resolutions of some such: My goal in the new year is to *wrap up the graphic novel and focus on personal projects. One of which is kicking around ideas for a one man show. Here's to a new year of productive and creative ventures.

*a deadline helps.
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Things are calming down so I can dig back into the graphic novel project. A commission sketch here and there wouldn't hurt. Just took a look at my finances and whoo-boy, scary. Eeep.
I need to hit page 70 by the end of October for the project. Wrapping the whole thing up by December.
Looks like I got turned down for a spot at a show this year. Guess they're serious about it being a curated show. (One of those deals where there's the same vendors at every show and a few open spots) Oh well. The Panel Collective will be at Independent's Day this year. Which may be it for me in 2010, show-wise.

Ummm, if anyone's wanted prints of some of my stuff, I just set up a thing with Society 6 for large format glicees. Smaller scale prints are available at my etsy shop. Link's for both on my homepage at
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It's a good thing I guess. I'm floating between painting Baby Qee's for a show next month, con graphics, and the beginning stuff for the Oni project. Oh yeah, I'm getting married too. (actually all of the big details are taken care of. Food, wedding bands and a suit I'll worry about later.) These are all good things. Once I have some art I can post, I'll put it up here.

Heroescon looks like it'll be next year for me. I'll probably never be back for Mid Ohio Con. Might do Gem City next year if I can get out of that crappy little room (with one exit/entrance).

Bummed me out that WOXY folded today. The best alternative web radio hands down. That was sudden for everybody involved. The funding got yanked and it went off the air without any notice. The poor DJ's left for Austin, Texas then the station crapped out in less than six months. I so wish these guys would take over my home alt-station to make it listenable again.
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I've just signed on with Oni Press for a new graphic novel project called Dead Goombas. I'm pretty stoked about it. I'll be handling the art chores, J. Torres will be penning it.

If all goes well, this thing will drop in fall 2010.
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Almost slipped my mind, but I made a commitment to do Genghis-Con in Cleveland (last Saturday). It was the first year for it and it really surprised me. The folks at Astound & John G. promoted the crap out of this. Despite it being Thanksgiving Day weekend, turnout was good. I made a little money and got to meet Gary Dumm (one of the artists on American Splendor). There was a strong chance that Harvey Pekar was going to show, but he didn't. I'll have to check out the Beachland Ballroom when a show comes to town. The club reminds me of my beloved Little Brothers/Staches (RIP). This club was about a 1/3 bigger.

Sounds like they'll do this again next year. I'll be there in a heartbeat if they'll have me back.
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I'll be giving a talk at CCAD with the students in the Comic Book Illustration class. It's sorta full circle since I took the class the first time it was offered back in the ahem mid-nineties. Since then that instructor moved on and my classmate Joe took over the course.

To be honest I didn't get what I wanted out of the class. It was so focused on penciling (in the factory system) which wasn't what I wanted to do at all. Do you know how many penciling gigs there are to break in now? So much has changed and now it's harder. I think anyway. The traditional venues are closing up. Diamond's caps officially put a kibosh on the indie pamphlet. Though it had been declared dead for quite some time. What you have now are webcomics and maybe landing a gig drawing a graphic novel. Neither one pays very well. I'm struggling to come up with something positive to tell these kids.

It's nice that now they're getting local creators and writers to come in and talk. I only wish Jeff Smith came in to talk to my class while I was there.
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Hmmmm, can't seem to opt out of the prints option. I'll figure it out. Seems awful lopsided on deviant's end, profit wise. All the files I've uploaded here also have a higher res version. Drop me a line if you want a print of any of these. A few are up on my etsy page ( Print rates (on etsy) are the same for any and includes shipping anywhere in the US. I send things US post.

Prints are sized proportionally to fill up an 11 x 17 sheet on acid free 100lb photo white stock. Then trimmed to bleed. It could be slightly smaller than 11 x 17.


As I'm typing this, the new Archibald trade (from Image) is out with a strip by me in it. Saw it as I walked into my local comic shop.


I officially got the word that I'll be in Craftin' Outlaws this October. Pretty excited. I'm working out ideas on some possible prints and a new hand screened t-shirt design. Found a great vendor for brand name tshirts in bulk.
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Comfest was fantastic as always. Panel had a booth there. It was unbearably hot during the day. Lots of flesh, odd second hand smoke, body painting, bands, etc. Par for the course. There was some serious hang time with local friends. We have the booth down to a science so it frees everybody up to enjoy the festival. The weather really held out this year. It's always a gamble.

Comic Book Tattoo won an Eisner. So happy about that. It was a great project to be involved in and Rantz worked his ass off for that thing. Brainbot Jr. is moving forward to being offered as a digital download for the iPhone. Lots of reformating and new strips. I'm splitting my time between that, a new graphic novel pitch, and ideas for my first one man show here in town.

Next show for me is Craftin' Outlaws. I'm seriously thinking of skipping out on a table this year for Mid Ohio. They haven't thrown a table at me or posted up any sign up info as of now. Craftin' Outlaws is in the same month and I sell almost three times the amount of stuff I did at MOC last year. It's a no-brainer.
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Couple shows in already with the new year. Next year, I think I might pass on tabling at Gem City (Dayton. April 5th). My thoughts might change but past couple of years have been kinda stagnant sales wise. It still remains a great low dow show where you can find plenty of deals on trades, and back issues. I found more people turned off from the prints than turned on. Sketch commissions were zip.

S.P.A.C.E. continues to be one of my two biggest shows. Made a couple of connections that may or may not pan out. One would be a one man show at a local gallery. The other would be some type of freelance with a undisclosed music label. I was flattered that the guy specifically came out to the show because of me. Would of helped if I got the name of his label for a follow-up. Ahh well. Great show. Great spot. One of my pet projects is to finally fix the trainwreck that is the SPACE site.

The shows are lining up one a month with a break in August and July. Next show I have is with the Panel Collective at a new venue. (For us anyway) AGORA. AGORA is some kind of a alt-craft fair meets arts festival held inside a local warehouse full of artist studios. I'll be interested to see what the vibe is like. It's good to work different types of shows. You'll hit different folks with some overlap. AGORA is May 16th from 12noon - midnight. Preview night's Friday night (15th) from 7-9. Saturday's free. Preview night is not. While the collective's throwing the show is great at organizing and promotion... my work so far hasn't had a great track record with their crowd. We'll see.
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Two shows I do every year are go! They both fall in April and are coming up fast: Gem City Comicon (Dayton,OH) on the 5th and S.P.A.C.E. in Columbus, Ohio(18th & 19th). They're easy shows and dirt cheap to get in. S.P.A.C.E. is now in it's 10th year which is hard to believe, but it's true. In that timespan, I like to think I finally hit a groove. All be it not a very well paying one but I enjoy what I do.

Sales on Comic Book Tattoo, per bookscan were decent for an Image book. It appears they've only counted the softcover (which moved about 7000 according to them). The limited edition that Tori signed sold out within days. There's also a new slipcase edition and the hardcover still circulating about. Rantz rolled out his Longbox project which sounds great. I was kind of suprized that Image on a good day moves only 10,000 copies. Vertigo does about the same. Since the consensus is bookscan is a poor judge of book sales, who knows. Every comp I've recieved of it has been crazy good.

I've been thinking hard about doing MOCCA. I've never done that show before. There's a few factors I have to see what happens but it seems like a good show for me. If I tank at the show, there's always the many great after party's I can sulk at. I feel like I've fallen off the indie comic map and want to reconnect. I suppose I should do it now before I get too into the idea of arts festivals. Unless MOCCA changes it's dates, it falls on the same weekend as the Columbus Arts Festival. Which would be a better show for me to do.
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If you're in Columbus tommorow and aren't watching 'the game', come on by the Indy Day fest. Located on the streets of Gay & Pearl in downtown Columbus. It's free... well you might have to pay to park. Local shops, artists, crafters are boothing it. 120 strong. I'll have a booth.

Still trying to find a hat. (I got burned at my last outdoor show. Sad face.) I think the Urban Scrawl show is a bust for me next week. Haven't heard back from the guy.

Mid Ohio Con is on. Last I checked, I'm still not on the (web) guest listing. I'll be showing up for it. That's in two weeks.

Last Sunday, Columbus and a good part of Ohio got slapped with 80 mph winds. Knocking out power, like a 'shotgun to the chest'. I didn't get power till Wednesday night. Some friends of mine still don't have power as I type this.
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I had a killer time at the local alt-craft show Craftin' Outlaws last weekend. My only regret is not having adult sizes on shirts and or no way to process credit cards.

I never really expected to do all that well at a craft show. This was more like an arts festival/craft show hybrid. This is encouraging to maybe take the next step up and go for an arts festival. I had already signed up with Zapp last year. They send out a list of festivals from around the country. Festivals require more investment on my part. They'll usually provide the tent but you have to provide the fancy particians, tables, etc. They also have exact specs on how to display the prints which can be annoying... and a lot of $$$. Limited runs of glycee prints ain't cheap.
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The Tori Amos anthology I'm in hit's the shelves next week. This book is mammoth: 480 pages. The promotion on this book is crazy. The freebie flyer last week had a four page article on the book. We got namechecked on a MSN preview for San Diego. Tori will be on hand at San Diego next week for the book signing which will run throughout the weekend. A rotating list of contributers will be on hand to sign every hour on the hour.

Sadly I couldn't get enough scratch together to go this year. The contrast between this anthology and No Formula's promotion has got me thinking more about going back to self-publishing for my next book. I've thought about this a lot and I think I could do just as good a job as any current indie publisher out there. Thanks to, the option to publish my own graphic novel is that much more viable than before. The promotion would be just as good as what any indie publisher would be capable of. To be honest, we're talking about maybe 20 or so comic shops that seriously carry indie. The rest dabble in it. Example: I once walked into a comic shop and under there indie section were copies of Hellboy and Invincible. That's a dabbler.

I will sacrifice a little in production: no end papers or inside cover. I can live with it for now. Do I sound frustrated with the state of indie affairs? Yup. It will get an ISBN so there is that potential in ease of searchability. Stays in print till I pull the plug.
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For whatever reason, I entered the War Heroes cover competition. Meh, not any worse than entering Zuda. So far I've been rockin' a 7% in my Heat. I need 250 votes to bump me to the top. The polling setup they're using is about as accurate as an MSN poll. So if one did have access to more than one computer, they could vote twice, thrice, and on and on. Kinda wonky. If you be so kind, pop over to the link below and cast your vote...…

I'm in 'Heat 1'. name's Thomas Williams. Voting in round one ends on the 20th. Let's hear it internets. Thanks.

update 6/20: it's safe to say that I didn't win my heat. Also safe to say is this is the first and last time I enter a contest of this nature. I realize this may come off like being a sore loser but I never really admit this sort of thing publically. I can only glean that this is some sort of popularity contest and not one based on merit. There were a couple that had merit that did pretty well. Not all of them. There were two pieces I thought were printable that didn't win their heats. Comic Book Idol was fairer than this. This was a train wreck waiting to happen. Had I known that this is how it was going to go down, I never would have entered.
I thought that Wizard would whittle them down to maybe 12 or 15. Not post up every single entry they got. Argh. Train wreck. At the pace they're doing this contest, it won't end till August. Because Wizard's been sloppy about updating and sticking with their own schedule they've set up. When they say the 9th, they really mean four days later or next Tuesday. It's no wonder their cons have been crapping out. Geesh.

Anyway, thanks to anyone who did pop in and vote for me. I appreciate it.
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I've just been asked to participate in a Hellboy themed art show. Of course I said yes. The show has a bit of a tight deadline. I have to have it shipped to them before the first week of July. If I can get a decent scan/pic of this, I'll post it up.

It'll be my first time shipping a painting. I'll probably do it on a piece of wood as I'm afraid of shipping a canvas to Florida.
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Almost finished with the last of the Chem Set strips for a while. I'm halfway through Elizabeth's piece (a 'chemsetter'). The new Chem Set anthology, No Formula, will be in next month's previews. Probably hitting shelves in August or September. I had to go back and rescan/gray/letter our story for it. Haven't seen the cover yet.

This month's previews is the new Tori anthology: Comic Book Tattoo. Order up kids. It comes in trade, hardback and a fancy limited leatherbound slipcase edition. Papa gets a small chunk of that. Can't swing San Diego. I'm bummed about missing out on meeting Tori Amos (and possibly Neil Gaiman). I was looking forward to that too. Crap. Ah well. Seems I'll be kicking it local for the rest of the year.
Shows coming up are Mid Ohio and Comfest. Possibly Craftin' Outlaws in August.

I always say next year but next year could be the year I venture out of Ohio. Table fees for NYComicon are too rich for my blood. MOCCA too. SPX looks like a bargain by comparison.
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Finished up all the anthology stuff on time. Still in Comic Book Tattoo! The first time I'll probably see a royalty check from Image. The roll out is still to release a trade, a hardbound and a fancy leatherbound slipcase edition. It'll be hitting the shelves in mid July with a big roll out at San Diego. Tori will also be selling it on tour I imagine. Also in the anthology: Dame Darcy, Pia Guerra, David Mack, Ted McKeever, Coleen Doran, etc. With a fancy intro by Neil Gaiman. Pinch me now.

Though there's been no internet noise on this, the Chemistry Set is working out an small collection of the strips from the site. Desparado (formerly Caliber) is the publisher. No Formula is the title. No release date as of yet. Maybe in the fall.

New consignment offer from MotionLA in.. you guessed it LA. I think they open up in May. Currently it looks like they're looking to see what sells and what doesn't I guess. The offer's a pretty conservative one. Normally I don't do consignment anymore but it's a potentially prime market for my stuff. I'm sending some postcards along too. The guy had the misfortune of first contacting me in mid deadline. He's been a peach.
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