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Oops. I forgot to upload this from like 2 weeks ago o_o
Worked in it during livestreams.

If Tom were around, Rarity and Maud would be the best of friends. They could even go on double dates with their ridiculously attractive rock companions. Tom and Boulder. Yep. My future kid names right there.
(Pssst. th13teen-gamer...Can you just be a rock or something for a day? I wanna join these ponies with their rocks)

I was too lazy to put up a background so feel free to use this for whatever as long as credit is given.
Rarity, Tom, Maud and Boulder belong to Hasbro
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I love this idea. But consider how jealous Rarity was of Tom before, despite the fact that her friends were totally indifferent to him. How bad might she get around another mare who actually might be interested in him? :D
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Hmm never thought about that. This might break out into a serious cat fight o_O
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To maud, it isn't the size of the rocks that matter...
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So many rocks here! Let's invite Rocky too! :)
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Is it just me or have you changed your style on this one?

I wasn't a big fan of that Maud episode but I think she's ok... yeah...
I would like to see one of your livestreams but my internet is slower then slowpoke :/
Well, as long as I can see the finished work, it's ok for me ^.^

Oh and dayumm~ good art as always
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I've noticed that when I stream stuff, my drawings sometimes look different than normally :o Maybe it's the pressure of people watching me? I have no idea why.
And thank you! :D
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I demand r34 of Tom and Boulder :P
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And fanfictions. Lots of fanfictions. 
I think I've already seen some of that
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