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Rainbow Dash Stocking

Done during a livestream

Feel free to use! Just link back here/give credit if posting to other sites c:

art(c) Left2Fail
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That face lol. :D (Big Grin) 
I can see her just hopping through the forest, stomping on all the mushrooms, dodging all the traps in an eerie castle, jumping pass a giant turtle dragon to cut loose the bridge it's standing on to send it into the lava below just to find out that the princess is in another castle.
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I can't favourite this hard enough
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Yay! That is exactly what I wanted for Christmas! :la:
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What a devious pony!
YoshiRingo's avatar
Dawwww, cutest one of the bunch X3
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Why do these remind me of Super Mario Brothers... :P
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She won't stay there very long. Be careful that she'll-

Too late.

Lovely work
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She look like she's up to something? Maybe she is trying to get a glimpse of Santa by hiding in the stocking?
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Stockings just got 20% cooler /)
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That stocking runs at 88 mph every time!
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I bet that's the fastest stocking in all of Equestria!
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Totally awesome!
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