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Mane 6 Summer

I haven't done a full size poster like thing or anything canon in a looong time. Thought i'd make one before my summer break is over c:


art (c) Left2Fail
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Derpy below here!!!
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Hiya! I would just like to inform you that this image was voted as our new community banner on Google+
Here's the link to the post where it was announced.…

If you do not wish for your image to be used, please do tell. We'll remove and replace it immediately.
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Hey thanks so much for letting me know!
Yea that's fine! Credit is greatly appreciated <3 
thanks so much for the interest as well c:
MlpRainbowswirl's avatar
This is really kawaii. :3
DiaSam1's avatar
This is too cute. :3
Hordaks-Pupil's avatar
An awesome pic I love it :D
offi-DtrGuo-cial's avatar
At least it's not one of those revealing pool party pics :)
This is absolutely gorgeous! Yeah! Derpy's included! :)
BronyNo786's avatar
Love this! makes me feel so joyful!
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Gorgeous! Favorited, and I couldn't resist downloading it, either.
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There a Desktop wall paper version without the watermark in the middle?
Kyoshyu's avatar
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Is Pinkie re-enacting "Nevermind?" 
DrawnTilDawn's avatar
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very cute! wish i was there :)
julian0123's avatar
Awesome and funny picture :D
Seiya-Meteorite's avatar
This pic is wonderful, and it captures one of my favorite things about summer so well :D
BuizelCream's avatar
Really nice colors~ .w. This looks really official, I dunno why, for me. x3 But I really like this one =3 Too bad we can't see the mane 6 doing anything summery because their home location doesn't have any beaches x3
I also love their different expressions and their different activities featured. And look, Derpy is here too~ owo
DrawnTilDawn's avatar
Thank you! :iconexcitedpinkielaplz:

It'd be cool if they had a summer-y episode, seeing as though they've done fall, winter, and spring themes o:
BuizelCream's avatar
Yeah, you're right =3 There should be something like a Florida inspired area in Equestria, maybe Baton Rouge, Louisiana can also be some good inspiration for something summery and local, something like that .w.
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Nice job! Wait a Pinkie trying to steal derpy's muffin?
TwinBird's avatar
Ooooh! That makes more sense!
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