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In the End

Thingy for SteelCZ I was supposed to do a while ago :L

RainbowDash belongs to Hasbro
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awesome!! I'd love to see more of this particular Dash.
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Ohhh I like it! Would you mind linking back to this deviations in the description? c:
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Rainbow Dash ftw! This is a really good-looking pose right here.
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I had to fall, to lose it all
But in the end.
It doesn't really matter!
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would make for a good fanfic...
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... It doesn't even matter~
Sorry, I had too...
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Nice sense of motion, her mane and tail swinging back, and the teardrops too.
Her front left hoof is lifted slightly.
Is she pushing away with her right front hoof, or has she landed and is bracing with it?
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Thanks! And hmm. I'm not actually sure :O I guess it all depends on what kind of situation you imagine she would be in. ^^
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OK :) I'll make something up!
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Not to be judgemental, but these are just suggestions. Please don't take it seriously, it's just my opinion. It could help you to fix the picture a little.
1. Looks like a dog.
- The curve at her right her should be 'bend' a little more.
- Ponies noses aren't suppose to be like that? (I'm not sure, don't judge.)

2. Vectoring errors.
- Her right eye (again)'s eyelashes shouldn't be 'under' the strokes of her face.
- Shading on her hair/mane isn't entirely correct? (I'm not sure, don't judge.)
- Her cutie mark shouldn't be THAT low. Since her flank not entirely like 'sitting down', so probably be higher, or part of it behind her wing. (I'm not sure, don't judge.)

Again, this is just suggestions. Don't take it too seriously. Please.
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Thanks for the input but i'm not looking to fix the image too much. It was just something quick I promised for a friend. :meow:
My pony drawings are mainly based on my perspective of them so I don't want them to be exactly show accurate/proportionate. 
(It's not actually a vector either. Just using simple pen tool in Sai) 
I'll keep all these things in mind and definitely put it towards improving. Thanks again for the input! I appreciate it :3
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Someones pissed.
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So angry... But still cool =)
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Because I have nothing better to say than that.
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That is amazing, well all you vectors are amazing, love the detail.
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