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I dunno. Never drew a griffon before so I though it'd try it. It's quite fun actually. 

Also, I don't even know if this is her real name. This seems to be what everyone else is calling her o_O

Art owned by me Left2Fail
Character owned by Hasbro
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Nice Griffon girl ^^
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Left2Fail Would you mind If got this image and made it a different color? My OC can change into different morphs and I was looking for a griffon...
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I'd rather you not re-color it. Sorry.
Thank you for asking though. 
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I love your shadowing and lighting! It's amazing! I wish I could shadow and light pictures like you lol 
DrawnTilDawn's avatar
Awe thanks <3

And heheh shading is actually the worst thing for me XD I'm bad at being consistent with light sources ;_;
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Me too lol I start shading and shade weird areas and then its like, where is the light coming from? Lol
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Sweet stuff!  I actually have a hippogriff oc that's named Genevieve (after the patron saint of Paris!).  Anyway, this looks pretty good for your first attempt at a Griffon!
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Oh wow. Nice! And thank you! :la:
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Does this mean....RETURN OF GILDA?!
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We need to see her more in the Equestria Games! ^^
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Fantastic! Gotta love those griffons :D
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Really well drawn for being your first time drawing a griffon! :omg:

It looks really awesome!!! :happybounce:

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Oooh really good for your first time making a griffon :3
My griffon OCs look funny XP
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I love the lighting and shadowing you put into this piece! Favorite griffon character in that episode!
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Clearly you need to draw more Griffons, because this is fantastic.
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I think I will. And thank you :D
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Griffons PowerLa la la la 
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