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Flutter Tree

Wanted to do festive art of the mane 6 this year and started off with Flutters <3

Gif version- Flutter Tree 

If using or uploading to other sites, you MUST give credit and link back here.

Art © Left2Fail 
© Hasbro
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© 2014 - 2021 DrawnTilDawn
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"I'd like to be a tree!" Said Fluttershy. (from Over the Barrel)
DominationAngel's avatar
Fluttershy does not approve of your shenanigans. lol
GJTProductions's avatar
:iconapplejackplz: "You SAID you wanted to be a tree, sugarcube."
:iconfluttershyscreamplz: "NOT LIKE THIS!"
Kujiiro's avatar
Be the tree. The tree you were meant to be.
Hexedecimal's avatar
It's cute but she is not amused.
BB-K's avatar
She is our tree, but she's not happy with it. I'll undo all of the decorations, put her onto the couch while I take a real Christmas tree for her to admire. :)
YesImDeadpool's avatar
She seems unamused. XD
CaptnBlitz's avatar
Well, she did want to be a tree after all.
AppleBunnyLife's avatar
Make a resin figure out of this I bet you'd sell thousands!
DrawnTilDawn's avatar
Hahah It'd be cool if it had battery powered mini lights on it too :D
AppleBunnyLife's avatar
I would buy the entire stock if you did that :O
TAT3XD's avatar
She can't take it off untill week after christmas, huehue.
NismyFForm's avatar
Adorable as fuck, her expression is the best! It's almost as if she's annoyed, but cute nonetheless. :clap: 
Kyoshyu's avatar
I'd love a tree like that. :)
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