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Commission Info: Close (Sheet Outdated)

Opening to a small batch. Not currently accepting background work that's complex (Simple ones for Pony Cards are okay)
I only accept paypal and :points:
Currency is USD
Prices are per character.
I have the right to refuse commission requests if I feel like I'm not capable of completing it.
Prices may vary depending on complexity (example: may cost more for complicated armor)

When commissioning me, please include...
 -reference image(s) WITH COLOR
 -Preferred pose. If not, I'll make it up myself ^^

NO Stolen OC's.
No Extreme gore.
:bulletred: Please do not commission me if you do not have the funds readily available. 
:bulletred: If only asking for a price quote with no current interest in commissioning me, please label your notes with something like "Quote". It just helps me organize slots <3

Terms of Service
:bulletred: A preview sketch will be given along with an invoice. I won't go any further until you give me approval so you can give any input/changes to it.
:bulletred: I will not make major changes to the pose after the sketch is approved. Please ask for changes beforehand.
:bulletred: If using Paypal, you will be asked for you paypal email so that I can give an invoice. Do not send money directly to my paypal. Payment must be done through invoices.
:bulletred: Points MUST go through the widget on my front page. Do not send it to me directly. If it's not up, feel free to note me and ask for it. 
:bulletred: Be 100% sure before commissioning me. Once the payment is sent and work is started, I will not give a full refund. 
:bulletred: Once finished, I will give you a chance to say that something needs fixed or changed. I will NOT change a whole pose or re-do the image. I will not offer changes after 2 weeks if you've approved it.
:bulletred: SAVE YOUR IMAGE. If I forget to add a "Download"option, you can always zoom in entirely and it will give you the full resolution. I always upload the full size. There is no guarantee that I will have a backup on my pc after a certain period of time.
:bulletred: You may use the complete image for any personal uses, including editing, uploading to other sites, using as icons, etc. You do NOT have to give credit when uploading to other sites but it would be greatly appreciated.
:bulletred: *YOU MAY NOT SELL OR GAIN PROFIT FROM THE COMPLETED IMAGE WITHOUT PERMISSION. Please contact me beforehand if you have plans to use it in this way. 
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Ashidaru's avatar
Awesome to see how your drawing skill evolved over the last few years.
I wasn't really a big fan of it then you started to went more in the chibi category.
But I also notice your artstyle on other websites and bet that it was yours and in 90% of all cases, I was right.
Keep on drawing, Sammy!
DrawnTilDawn's avatar
awe thank you so much!! I really appreciate it <3 
beashay's avatar
Definitely interested~ If slots are still available once I get paid I'll most likely get one :)
DrawnTilDawn's avatar
awesome! :la: just send a note whenever you'd like ^^
JaegerPony's avatar
Of course I'll commission yah Lefty! =3 You're welcome to pick a/some character(s) you'd like to try! ^^

DrawnTilDawn's avatar
Heey!! Okey dokey c: Yaaas I love your characters omg. I'll note you with a pick later!
thanks so much!
JaegerPony's avatar
You know I love your work! And you're most welcome! I await with bated breath. =3
Icybite's avatar
Do you accept costumes for the 1500 points comm? I have an idea for my oc's Halloween costume:…
It's the first image.
Behold the oc:…
For the pose, Rottali will be seen from 3/4.
DrawnTilDawn's avatar
Yup I can do costumes! I would normally charge more depending on complexity but scarecrow is pretty simple so it would be regular price :la:
I love scarecrow so definitely looking forward to that as well haha

I just set up a point commission widget on my front page so if you could go through that and just copy paste those links into the description box of it that'd be great! I'll get working on a rough preview sketch of it when it's sent as well c:
W1shmaker's avatar
for the 30 dollar one, would be 3000 points?
DrawnTilDawn's avatar
If I remember DA point conversion correctly then yup! ^^
MissMele-Madness's avatar
I would love to commission a full body for my Oc Bramble Mele. ^-^ Shall I note you?
PrismaticStars's avatar
I'd love to commission you for a pony for $15. Do I send you a note of information or..?
DrawnTilDawn's avatar
Yup, send me a note with the details :la:
PrismaticStars's avatar
Sorry for the late reply! Of course!
JaegerPony's avatar
I can always go for another commission from yah Lefty. =3
DrawnTilDawn's avatar
Okey dokey! :happybounce: Feel free to send a note c:
CaptnBlitz's avatar
Here's a dumb question (I'm sorry ;-;)
If a fullbody hooman is $25, would a halfbody be like 12-13~ish? Like chest level 
DrawnTilDawn's avatar
Oh no problem at all! Yep that should be fine :)
Hm I should make a better info sheet that adds options like that O:
CaptnBlitz's avatar
I made sure to ask because I know it's half the drawing but not necessarily half the work so I wanted to be fair o:
I'll send you a note if you're still open with all the dets and let me know the final price ;w;
Gypsy-Meadow's avatar
If I were to want a fullbody pony commission with two pretty simple ponies, how much would that be? (:
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