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Comm: Shrike The Warrior

2/2 of a commissioned for kyvannshrike 

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It's nice to have all three tanks done.
I'm just wondering what to do next.  Maybe keep with the armor trend and do dragoon next?
Eventually, I guess I have about a month or so until the commission window after this one to figure it out.
Dragoon would be the last of the armored ponies though.  No other armored classes in ffxiv other than Samurai which isn't even out yet (and I don't really care much for Samurai).
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OMG! It's like . . . he's the coolest~ 8D
L4m3ness's avatar
Oh, sweet armor :icontwilightclapplz:
kyvannshrike's avatar
Warriors are overpowered, and so is this commission <3

I love how you interpreted the armor here.  That's my favorite part. (no sheep or other animals were harmed in the making of my armor I swear)
L4m3ness's avatar
Now I'm curious where that armor is from^^
kyvannshrike's avatar
Final Fantasy XIV

The first AF armor set.
L4m3ness's avatar
Ah^^ I agree, that's a lovely interpretation of it :)
kyvannshrike's avatar
I actually would have thought that it was gonna be hard to interpret the warrior and dark knight AF armor.  Warrior turned out pretty well.  Ironically, I thought she did an amazing job with… Dark Knight but everyone's commenting on this one instead.

Poor Dark Knight.  No love....  Oh well, Dark Knight was an uphill battle anyway.  Dark Knight's pose is better IMO :P

She did a great job with both.  I'm hoping to commission... most of the jobs in FFXIV, but doing it slowly so I don't break my wallet.  Be sure to check out the paladin she did if you haven't already:…
L4m3ness's avatar
I just followed the herd and commented on this one too, even though I like both :D

Yup, saw the paladin when I was searching, whether you commissioned more ponies in armor in the past - where there is one, there must be more^^ I like and collect armored ponies in general^^

Also this inspired me to possibly throw more money at Left :D Got a video game with armor that needs to be ponified ;)
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