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Comm- Gamer Luna

Commission for :iconmoenkin: 
Oh my gosh I can't believe I finished this so quickly. I haven't had a whole lot of free time recently so it's so nice being able to finish something in a short period of time ;u;

Hope you like it <3
Luna belongs to Hasbro
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What game is she playing lol I love artwork like these

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love it. just pure awesome meme right there

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That moment when you can't beat some part of game :)
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Ah, gotta love gamer Luna...
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I have a question. Can I use this picture for mine T-shirt? Because I really like this Luna Gamer.
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Game face ... love your artwork!
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This looks adorable i love how you draw luna and I love her headphones too :) nice job!
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i love gamer Luna!^^
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Aw... seems that she lost... I know how that feels, Luna :P :P :P
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Aww, this is so cute <3
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This is basicly me when I'm playing with gamers who take thing to seriously.
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Luna playing games,

but it was lovely works. <3
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Love, love. LOOOOOVE!!! ^___^
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Dawww what an adorable gamer Luna you draw!! :heart:
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Grumpy Luna. :)
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Very cute, and well drawn!
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Luna: It is maybe my tenth attempt, but I'll beat this damn final boss!
Celestia: Luna? It is time!
L: Time for what?
C: Raising the moon.
L: Can you do this for me? Just this time?
C: No! It is the third time this week. You do it.
L: What? *grumble* Fine! You better not move a muscle, you damn game!
Luna put the controller on the ground and left the room. She raised the moon right after her sister set the sun and left her sister as quick as she came.
L: Okay. Time for... W-what?!?
The television was turned off and her controller was by side the console.
L: Oh no.... OH NO!!!!
She ran to the tv, turned it on and... her game was still on! She left a sigh of relief.
L: Must be servant. Good thing she did not have turned my game off or I'd... Let's finish this game once and for all!
She took the controller in her levitation spell and was about to continue her game when....
Black out.
L: ARGHHH!!!!!! MY GAME!!!! MY GAME!!!!! Who did it? WHO DID THIS?????
Celestia: Time for your duty, sister. Since you can't play, you can leave now.
Luna left the castle who was still in the dark. She flew for at least ten minutes, away from Canterlot when she saw the castle illuminating again.
L: Huh?
Celestia: *sigh* I can't believe it needed to put the entire castle in the dark so she would leave to take care of the night. Too bad this will work just once. Oh well. Better ask an electrician to put a breaker just for her room.

Even grumpy, I would hug her. She is adorable. Beautiful work
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