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Comm: Call of The Everfree

Commissioned by Poison-Trail

Loved how the green's and blue's turned out :DD
Never drew a timberwolf before so that was fun!

Last few commissions will be ready to upload by Friday :'DDD

Art (c) Left2Fail
OC (c) Poison-Trail 
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Poison-Trail: *gasp!*
Timberwolf: Grrr!
P: Uh... Hello?
T: ....
P: Um. You're not here to eat me don't you? (thinking) Please tell me you don't!
T:  Growl. *shakes it head*
P: Oh. (thinking) Thanks Celestia! (talking) Uh, are you for the flowers?
T: *shake its head*
P: Okay. I'm confused now. If you're not here for me or for the flowers... why are you here then?
It looked over its shoulder in shame.
P: Mmm. Wait! You fell victim of the flowers... and transformed into a timberwolf don't you?
It dropped it head and whined.
P: Oh! That makes sense. Somehow. Why haven't you came back in town and...
It raised an wooden eyebrow
Oh! Right. *rolls it eyes* Stupid question.
T: Growl.
P: I'm sure you called me an idiot.
It nodded.
P: Hey! I didn't ask.
T: Growl.
P: Okay! Okay! Let me get the ingredients for the cure and you meanwhile... uh... Do timberwolves... s-stuff.
T: Growl!
P: Hehehe! Good timber- er, I mean... I'll just go... Want take long I promise.
T: *sigh*
P: BTW, *cocked his head* are you a male or a f-
T: Grrr!
P: Okay! Okay! I just wanted to know. Sheesh!

Wonderful work
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That's a nice style of timberwolf you have .w.
Is his cutie mark being a . . . I actually forgot the name of that flower though o.O;

And this artwork and its title just made me even more impatient for the next EQG movie xDD
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