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Eyy been a while since I've posted here

So I completely forgot to post my Mane 6 prints I redid a while ago. Rather than one giant upload dump, I'm gonna post them over the next few days. 
I wouldn't mind any input as well! I was struggling with perspective at the time so not sure if I should tweak anything. 

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Never thought you would top your first AJ picture <3 amazing job :)

On a related note, are you planning on selling this pic as a print in future cons?
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Thanks! QuQ

And yup, I'll be taking it to Bronycon this year :la: (and hopefully more in the future)
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Gorgeous work there with the sunlight!! :love:
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yw sweetie >3<
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Yay, this is great!! Always love an Applejack, love how you add a sort of silky texture in this 
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awe thanks so much! :D 
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Cute apple horse!
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Looks super nice!
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It's perfect! I like the old and new print.
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