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A little thing I did in celebration for the 100th episode.

Quick review- It was cool to see all the background pones felt like they gathered every fanfiction in existence and smashed it into on episode...
It also feels like they're putting references EVERYWHERE now. References are cool, but in excess :L

But, the Doctor and Derpy parts made up for it. I squee'd so hard when he said "Allons-y!" wearing the Tom Baker scarf. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH 

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art (c) Left2Fail
Doctor Whooves and Derpy (c) Hasbro
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Awesome and cute picture :D
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That is so cute and awesome I really :love: it a lot, great job on this pic.
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That's some scarf you've done there! I know that Tom Baker's scarf is really long, but that episode really brought it into perspective with the little pony wearing it.
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One of the best ships certified as canon - YEAH!!! /)
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(\ Haha yess I love these two :D
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Oh Em Gee!~ OwO The episode did totally made me squee, especially when these two are around~ ^w^ Those Doc references though~ *w* "Allons-y!"
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Ahhhh I couldn't contain my fangirl side with the Doctor Who references /)o3o(\
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So do I really x33 Even though I know little of the actual Doctor Who show, I still love Doctor Whooves the references he makes to the MLP x3 *squee*
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They were so adorable together, Derpy's cute voice and the Doc's cute confusion on what bowling is X3
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OTP! This is adorable! :heart:
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Best duo ever !
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Please excuse me while I squee AND make weird fangirl noises.
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