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a south park one
the crew taking sun on the becah an kenny having sunburn :iconpervykennyplz:
maybe i wanna go to the beach...

check speedpainting:
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*blushes from embarrassment* Awww... Poor Kenny... His whole self is red all over. I really love his blue sunglasses, though. I hate getting sunburned, too, so in this drawing, I feel really bad for him frying & burning in the Sun... :blush:

I would be better off seeing him get tanned, rather than seeing him get burned. Maybe a kiss would help him feel better. *gives Kenny a sweet butterfly kiss on the cheek, leaving a kiss mark on his face* Mwah! 💋 ^^

:iconm-i-l-y: & :iconlivingonlaughs:, you really have to see this!
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Awww poor him, but it's so cute :D I just remembered, I thought an idea for an episode from Kaileigh's series about Marvin getting sunburned too, because of he had put sunscreen on Mabel but he forgot to put it on himself. Some people make fun of him because of this and Marvin is too embarrassed so he wants to be buried in the sand.

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I think Marvin put sunscreen on Mabel, Maizzy, Milly & Serena, but he forgot to put some on himself.
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I'm not sure about that, I should consult it with Kaileigh.

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She can put those 3 girls in it, too. Marvin needs more love, after all.
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I know that, but in Kaileigh's series it's supposed that Marvin dates Mabel only. But maybe she could put the 3 girls, but I have to ask her.

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Good point. Anyhow, this drawing took me by surprise. Do you wanna know why?
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AHHH... Beach Days!
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*purr* So goddamn epic, especially stan :3
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kenny is in flame D:
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it's a hard life for kenny, he'll wake from his tanning, stare shockedly at his burnt body, and scream cos his body has skin cancer..... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!



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I saw the speedpaint it was good XP
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pweese can you gimme the link?
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Eric is not Fat enough 
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Hehe poor kenny
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Look on the bight side Kenny at lest your not dead
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:iconstanplz: :iconsaysplz: Oh my god, they sunburned Kenny!

:iconkyleplz: :iconsaysplz: YOU BASTARDS!
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LOL Kenny is too poor to afford sunscreen
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Poor Poor Kenny I had bad sunburn before it hurt like Hell
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