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First of all how dare you

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Jeff must have astigmatism.
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And then Ness got the Nausea status effect
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Ness is cute with glasses
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Ness looks PRICELESS with those glasses!
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What my friends say at school. XD
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That is TOO RELEVANT. Papyrus - date power 
I remember my classmates/coworkers taking my glasses at times, they would try them on, and they would every single time say the same thing.....

"Whoa girl your really blind." GLASSES - ANIMATED - Emote GLASSES - ANIMATED - Emote GLASSES - ANIMATED - Emote 

Which is basically true, due to the fact that I inherited my late grandmother's extreme nearsightedness... thanks a lot grandma :globpout: 
Ness with Jeff's glasses somehow turned into John Egbert :D
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Ness is so silly!
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I wear reading glasses and when people say I'm blind when I read I reply with a that's why I need glasses!!!!!!
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That's why I don't like giving my glasses
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I feel your pain, Jeff.
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Clearly. Because in the name screen, Jeff crashes into the border for like 3 seconds before even noticing WITH GLASSES... Dayum.
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also.. ness looks weird with glasses..
and jeff looks weird without glasses!
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Ness: Jeff, you should see an optometrist, 'cause you'll be blind forever. ._.
Jeff: Just gimme my darn glasses back! :facepalm:
Me: hehe, silly Ness! XD
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Gah I hate when people do that! XD
I like to respond with, "That's why I wear glasses, ass... ._."

Silly Ness...
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i just respond those aren't graduated for you, douche
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ODIO cuando me dicen eso cuando se ponen mis lentes xDDD 
Drawn-Mario's avatar
la verdad duele (?)
Chave-Lpz's avatar
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