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Sugar Sugar

made this because it's my favorite EW video so far


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WOW! THE SHADING IS PERFECT!! It really reminds me of sugar sugar and the technique was amazing! I can't wait to see more of your art and critizie them. Keep up the great work. BTWs Check out my work, and the shadings still awesome!!!!!!!! I think the coke cans look amazing and got just the right details. I can't even draw cans like that! In fact, I'm so bad, I always end up crumbling up the the paper and taking a nap. (One of the things I do when I'm pissed off.) But, like I said, keep it up!! Bye.
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I miss EW
those vids are awesome
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Going to use it on my profiel!
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I saw da speedpaint! :)
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His flash video on that song was the ONLY reason why I like it now. LOL
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that video was the reason i knew his work LOL
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Awwwwwwww es mi favorito tambien <333 te quedo genial :heart:
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Ah, honey honey! I like that song :3
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Cute :) and he he i love this song to
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lol, that's so cute ^^
And funny XD Nice job :)
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