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any words suggestions?

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Maybe make one that says alien thats pink? owo
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ooooo do one that says   B O I
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Is a word you should make
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My friend's sister is obsessed with potatoes
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Hey MarshmallowBreeze I found somethin' for you
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You should totally put this on your page.
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Eh, it's pretty cool but I'm not really interested in it being on my page. It wouldn't really fit anywhere anyway, and I'd rather not have too many random things scattered around. It is cool though.
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But it's potato!!! How can you not want potato on your page???? XD jk it's fine, you do what you want~
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Hatsune Miku-06 (Smile)  good job you have been blessed with miku.....Potato 
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Omg if there was one that says Sempai that would besodope gahh
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I have suggestion... BARREL
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Get rekt Potato 
Such a lovely sentence I made =D
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