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Helga's Bow

here is my 100th deviation
and is a HA one, well im glad because i think is of my best HA draws and deviations i made so i hope you like it :la:
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This is Brainy's version of Arnold's Hat!
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More Like Brainy's Version of Helga's Arnold Shrine!!
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Why don't you ask Brainy, Helga?
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I'm Pretty Sure She'd Give him the Pounding of his Life; Like When that Time she was On the Bus, and Tackled him behind her Seat, and Clobbered him up!!
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Haha, such a funny idea! Funny how Brainy's secret love for Helga was never really explored in an episode, but it seems that he doesn't really care that she doesn't like him in the same way (heck, she barely acknowledges him! :XD:), and he cares for her enough to know that she'd be happier with Arnold and Arnold only.
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i would made a good episode :la:
and good point
well brainy will be still happy with his bubblegum helga lol
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haha, GREAT idea! :love:
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jajajaja me encantó jajaja
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I love this! :rofl: Brainy is so cute in the second panel! :la:
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haha! I can picture this.
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NO THANK YOU! :lmao:
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Ah, I love it! Haha this makes me think about why Brainy is always around Helga :D
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Lol very funny one here
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thanks glad you liked
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Jaja, adorable y genial!
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jaja gracias rei estoy feliz de que te guste n_n
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