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9: Mirror

I don’t know if it’s self esteem problems, midnight sorcery or both

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I think it's called being a night owl...though I don't know the time the character goes out. :P
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I look better straight outta bed. I dunno I like my tiered eye baggy bed head me  more than middle of the day me. middle of the day I look like a fag.....that's why I stay up all sure that's not healthy.
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this is me every day xD
ScyphozoanPrincess's avatar
I tend to look terrible in the morning and relatively decent in the evening.
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At night time you don't think the same way. I get this too sometimes.
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I also am a frequent victim of this midnight sorcery. WTF.
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Omg, this is me 100%
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I have the sudden desire to see you in your underpants... I think I've fainted. 
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I see your problem. Sometime between 1AM and when you leave your leftover dreams die. I recommend a dream catcher so you can scoop your dreams out of the astral plane before they rot and die. Then all you have to do is put them into the freezer so you can save them for whenever.
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What about going out at 1am?
Drawn-Mario's avatar
i'll probably get arrested for going out in my underwear
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This seems pretty accurate- with how you feel at 1:00AM and when you go out somewhere omfg 
Drawn-Mario's avatar
it's my like almost everyday :p
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