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Vampire Blood

Tsuki and Wonder as Vampires for this fine month of Halloween ♥
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May I join the blood line? Biiiite meee xD
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lovely ladies :3
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lol every lady has to have a loli 
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Both make such lovely vampires! Love their outfits and the little lace details! ^__^
Oh and I just noticed your signature on this picture. That's new, right? I like!
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Thank yah! And ye, I used to do a small signature within the picture somewhere and a watermark but i think this looks nicer.
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I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing once again! =)
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WOWIE, or uh HOT DAWG, i thought Tsuki was a vampire and Wonder the succubus (she couldve been) anyway i love it!
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I want to stroke Tsuki's hair.
Blonde Cow (Shocked) (Flying hair) When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) 

Okay I'll leave now...
Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2] 
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you totally drew her nip
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LOL, that was just unintentional blocky shading you titty seeker.
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That last part XD i can't, why am i such a twelve year old sometimes =P (Razz) 
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I am completely in love with these two characters la in love can't wait to see more of them ^.^ 
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love the way you color <3
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Wonder looks.. INCREDIBLE!! <333 Oh my !!
Tsuki is still too cute for words haha~
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Ty ♥ She was fun to draw.
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You're welcome!
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Hello Drawkill! I love so much your arts! Please, i want use images of "Die Wonder'' in my class... Please?
DrawKill's avatar
Depends on what you're using them for exactly?
Bonniete's avatar
First, I'm sorry for not responding before ... Well, I'd like to use some of the "Fanmades" I need for some classes at my school ... Of course, I'll put all the credits to the images for you ... If possible, what credits would you like me to place? I really love Die Wonder and his drawings and I'd really like you to let me do that ...
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oh my god!! that is just so amazing i can't breathe!!("♡ o ♡ ) 
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oops sorry accidently replied to you.
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