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Wasn't going to post this, but Tumblr appears to really like it. Didn't want to clog up my gallery with simple chibi's, but I need to advertise them anyway. Been thinking about opening up chibi commissions later on in the summer.

Did more of a animu style this time, it's fun switching here and there. I love pastel goth, I'm always a sucker for dark and cute things.

EDIT :: DISCLAIMER :: Please do not use this piece without permission from me. Yes you are most likley allowed to place it in a banner on your blog or whatever, but please ask first and give credit. It is however not aloud in use of advertising, contests, selling for both money or virtual money, or anything for personal gain. Thank you.
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wow,you're amazingblack heart bullet

Funny Story Related to this:

Somewhere between 4 and 8 years ago, I switch phones and lost all my contacts. At the time, it was convent for me to ask a mutual friend to send my sister's contact. (All subsequent phones had their contacts synced so this never happened again.)

Anyway, this picture was the Contact Photo on the Contact info I was given. I never really questioned it or changed it so it is still her profile picture as I type this.

I never asked the person who sent it, so me and my sister never knew what it was. It came up in conversation sometimes when showing her my phone (like if I texted her and she never got it).

Anyways, were both in college now and while texting, she randomly brought it up, so I decided to reverse image search it and it brought me here.

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This drawing was the one I was looking forever it's a shame people just wanna money grab your artwork T_T
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my dreams all in one drawing
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Hello?  Umm I was wandering if I was allowed to print this adorable chibi on my T-shirt? ;u; 
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I've always loved this I didn't know it came from here wow.
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This is really cute ^-^
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mr:the pastel goth anime nerd who adores drawing
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Wow youre so talented, im sorry so many companies stole your work
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This is adorable!
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Can I use this as an avatar on Tumblr please? :3 with credit of course.
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I have a pillow with this art on it.... and I bought it from a anime convention in Hungary ;u;;; ...I think they stole your art there ...I am sorry...
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o ye, they definitely did.
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Welp I guess then I have "exclusive" merch of your art... ;u; yeys for me!~pftt--*shots*
It doesn't even have your name on it..which is the saddest thing,I am really sorry babu~ 
It's funny to think that someone on the other side of the world is selling your drawings on pillows no? xddd 
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Can I use this as my icon on Tumblr? I promise to credit ya!
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Sure, thanks for askin~
silly-tiny-t0mmy's avatar
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Awww this is so kawaii!!! ;w;
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can i use it a part of my youtube banner?
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If you credit me, yes.
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